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This Flash was originally created for a battle with Corpsegrinder/RibsClock, but I always had the intention of submitting it eventually.

I wanted to make a cartoon with a different setting than I'm used to, so I chose deep space. This movie is mostly inspired by Dead Space, but also other alien movies such as The Thing and, of course, Alien.

This is also the first Flash in which I recorded my own voice for the characters. There was significant push after my last movie to do this, but the decision was mostly made out of a desire to express more emotion than I've been able to get out of Speakonia voices.

Special thanks to Ribs for inspiring me to make this Flash in the first place. Enjoy!



This is the first Clock submission I haven't blammed. Great job!

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I don't need to say something more..

I've always hated Clock flashes...

But this one truly struck me. The animation was great, a very compelling Dead Space-like (a video game) plot, and the voice-acting was perfect. This was like a Clock flash with everything bad about clock flashes taken away!

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cool but the funniest thing was the exploding oxygen

Brilliant work!

Excellent video! Your voice acting is very professional, and the colours and lighting used in this Flash are extremely fitting. If this were to hit theaters, I would definitely watch it, despite the fact that horror/thrillers are not my style. The ending was awesome. All I can say is 'Pwnt'.

Oh, and I noticed someone (Majal) say that because an oxygen tank exploded, the whole place would have gone up in flames, so they rated it 1/10. Anyone else who is going to review this video, PLEASE read this, because that reviewer is a retard for saying that.

The air we breathe is about 20-25% oxygen, along with other gases. The air in spaceships is also mixture of those gases (Nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon dioxide) 100% oxygen is considered toxic, so we don't breathe it. Wouldn't that explain why the whole planet doesn't explode when we light a match?

Doesn't that explain why when we light a match the whole world doesn't explode?

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4.33 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2009
11:38 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody