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Let's Do It..

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A flash made by Max Smith and Chris Sloan. Made in Flash CS3/CS4. I hope you guys like it!

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I notice my review for this was deleted. It's still true. You clearly didn't put any effort in and you just wanted to see if you could get away with it. I don't care if it was supposed to be ironic. That doesn't make the 3 minutes you spent making this and the 2 minutes you spent uploading this worth it. It's animated terribly and the music doesn't fit in at all. Anyone that finds my review unnecessarily harsh either hasn't watched the flash or is an idiot.
That constructive enough for you?

Maximus responds:

I can't delete your reviews you fucking fool.

It is Not Good.

It's crudely drawn and animated. The music... sounded like someone slapping a piano around. There is no story, and it's just an annoying loop with that music(?) in the background. Try Harder?

dont listen to them

dont listen to these dumb idiots, they just complain about shit because they have nothing better to do. if they actually left the basement in mommys house they would realise that there is joy in the world and they wouldnt act like men that have never had casual sex without money being involved. im voting 5 everyday just in spite of those whiny pussies


Really? you could have at least tried to make it funny with some semi good drawings.. and maybe more suitable music. Like music that would be in a porno (bow chika bowow..) then this would be woth something.