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The Smallest Jump

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A quick animation...nothing amazing. If you enjoy it then I did more then intended.

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Usually I tell people that if their just screwing around with Flash, dont put it up, but this, my friend is an exception. How it got 2.66 is beyond, me, but I'll come back every day and give it a good score until has the score it deserves. I definitely hope to see many more of these short films. Infact, you make enough of these they could become an internet phenomenon!
If you make a Photoshop Effect for that or somn I would so get it.
Finally, I agree, you do need a thumbnail. Alot of times with videos, if they dont have thumbnails I tend to not look. Also, if you keep it from looping people will rate better. A bit of sound helps too, and lastly, if you were to make it a bit longer, add a play and pause button, you'd have it made. Try making them different colors so that you can make a collab for each year, a collab would definitely be hit.

very cool!

awesome animation

Animation is good

Animation is good and acceptable , but I aggree with Radwalrus ... an icon is really needed , it also looks way better and professional than no icon ;)

else , good job !


My general rule of thumb is that if the animator didn't even bother to make a thumbnail icon he or she deserves a low score. I can tell you totally put more work into this than 80% of all beginner animators. sweet fbf, awesome job!

p.s. make thumbnails for your movies.

milkandpie responds:

thanks for the tip....will get to it!

You did more than intended.

That was some slick animating there, sir. For a 10 second loop, it was pretty damn good!