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Castle Repercussions - D1

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Thanks for the frontpage, NG.

A Leader's Brutality (1/2) - First half of the final part.

Finally the last part of Castle Repercussions is completed! Be sure to check out the second half in D2, or you'll miss out the ending. I hope you enjoy the hard work :) Feel free to visit my site, donate or leave a review.

Note that this is not the final installment in the series, there's more to come in the future. Also, be sure to check out the extras - there's a puzzle to solve for anyone with spare time, maybe team up to get it done faster. :)


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Boomer carried this team for the sake of their survival. At first I don't care about boomer but this episode makes me like him more

Wow nice

Wow this was pretty nice work you have here the story. Really is deep and keeps one interesring so that's the best part for me I love the animation and think this was very good quality of a film I would ad in some more fancy effects though but enjoyed it for what it was

Adding more fancy effects wouldn't be a bad thing this was pretty cool if you ask me


So this was the fate that befell Boomer - or at least the first part of it! Intense, tense, and with a few twists along the way. Getting pretty exciting!


I have that is pretty awesome. I much pretty enjoyed how this sets up as prelude to Mullin's part in Castle Repercussions - C. I also found Boomer's smile as he's wading through those demonic zombie-like monsters to be pretty creepy along with what the "demonic voice" said backwards, considering that it wants to go to Earth and presumably wreck havoc there. Fantastic job!

I certainly hope there's more to the Castle Series in the future! Great series.

Get-lost responds:

Late reply but yes, I just released a teaser for Castle IV: http://deletionquality.net/animation/view/oscar/castle-iv-teaser