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The Dolores Crate

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Hidden deep in the bowels of NewGround's Headquarters is an ancient artifact. In the time it was created it was named Pandora's Box. In World War II, Hitler called it Der Schlechte Kasten. In modern times it is known simply as... The Dolores Crate.

The last time it was opened it destroyed civilizations.

Today it will be opened again...

This is the project that refused to die.

I conceived Dolores Crate to be a fun and quick project. The idea was to have artists of all skill levels animate humor shorts of no more than 3 seconds in length. Officially starting on November 17, 2007 it took off almost immediately and we had the first part within two days. Over the course of this collab's lifetime we received over 100 submissions by more than 3 dozen artists, including some well known NG artists such as JAZZA and talented newcomers like Darkpit1.

Then, as they say, life happened, and the collab was left in disarray for the better part of six months as I dealt with some personal issues.

All I can say is that I'm grateful to the people who refused to let it die in my absence. To Olzone, and to Chucklesdaclown, and to everyone who pushed to keep Dolores Crate from becoming just another abandoned project; thank you. This wouldn't be possible without you.

Dolores Crate is a collab that came within inches of never seeing the light of day. Now, more than a year after it's intended release date, I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Collab Leader
Admin, NG-Collabs Forums

P.S. Be sure to check out the Bonus section for Deleted Scenes and more.

I have got this project to thank for some late nights, and several of my anti-social days but I got help from the NGC site.

I'd like to thank Kubrick, who became my conscience for the collab, helping me out with the job of fixing what was wrong and right and left and up and down. And the programmer Martin, who helped me a lot with just one sentence "actionscript 2 really is a pain in the ass". That sentence got me through a lot. And SHiine for blowing up a balloon with my face on it. It kinda looked like me until you blew it up. And finally Zoniq... for nothing really.

Collab Organizer

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!!!!!!!!you must see!!!!!!

Truly a masterpeice

Glad I could be a part in this. 5* Very superb job guys.


Nice to see it out already! I't awesome.

Great collab!

Turned out great! Congrats to everyone!
And thanks for my name in credits, Kubrick ^^

Poorly put together.

There was no need to have 2 bonus features. Combined, they were longer than the feature. Most of the funnier parts were in the deleted awesomeness section, which I found dumb.

clockwork-kubrick responds:

Whether ultimately right or wrong, I stand by the choices made.

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Aug 27, 2009
2:52 PM EDT
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