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Towel Boy

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This cartoon appeared on the London TV pilot of THE SICK ANIMATION SHOW

Love, Marc M.


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I... I want to catch his towel.

A fascinating character study disguised as a short piece of comedy.
In the first part, Towel Boy's image and gimmick are introduced in a light-hearted atmosphere, post traditional "Damsel in distress" scenario, an obvious nod to the silver age of comics.
In the second scene, the light is quickly cast away as the gimmickry gives way to what would more realistically happen in a life-or-death scenario; Towel Boy's mentor pays the price for his protege's lack of discipline and emphasis on image. This leads Towel Boy down a dark path; clearly an homage to the darkening of comics in the '90s and '00s.
We see the effects of Towel Boy's time of regret in the third scene, wherein he's completely lost his mind; he's capable enough of maintaining a straight-laced guise long enough to penetrate a family's sanctum before cutting loose and teaching them the hard way that their heroes are people, and people will betray them, predicting the trend of mentally damaged characters playing protagonist roles more frequently in the '10s.
The last act shows Towel Boy coming full circle, having learned much in his time as a hero and emerging all the stronger for it. Gone is the showy gimmickry of old, giving way to creative problem-solving without resorting to violence right away. A hopeful note to end on, and a word of plea to creators for more heart and purpose in their coming works.

Some dude eats shit and pops a boner, absolutely fantastic.

A guy named Towel Boy jumps on a table with his ass out and shits on a family then saying "You've got mail!"

Only YOU could have written something like this Marc

If I wasn't 99% sure you were gay I'd fuck ur dick

hurr durr I'm better than everybody cause they don't like what i like

Hilarious & Surreal?

What Marc.M delivers is that raw & surreal, concept of humor which not many people I know would be able to comprehend and would if anything; make them raise an eyebrow rather than crack a laugh.

With various catchphrases such as 'try to catch my towel' which are just gut wrenchingly funny for me - this deserves a solid 8 from just a comedy perspective, which is intended for the viewer to laugh, and for me it did very much so.

What made it all the more funnier for me is that the character reminded me a lot of the actor Simon Bird from the British television Drama 'The Inbetweeners'!

Credits & Info

4.52 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2009
1:50 PM EDT