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Aug 25, 2009 | 11:35 AM EDT

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Author Comments

-- UPDATED 8/25/09: Now Delaware has a top hat!

Delaware is a game about life, adventure, excitement, initiative, and instinct. If the beautiful landscapes don't draw you into this masterpiece then the depth and spirituality of the music and characters will. It has been my honor to be co-directing and filming sign deal magickrap studios are great I thought though they hey were not the ones to be disgust when show game them they say "Wow that was amazing!". It was my journey to myself that was crawling inside of myself because why so sudden are you to say such thing please no where is the beef ma'am?

I would also like to point out that there are no anything types of breakfast cereal that dry corn flake diarrhea with milk spoon fetch cosplay enter the dragon as he waits for your dinner to be served because nobody is a match for the king. Or maybe Gibdo has something to say about that. Maybe he doesn't what is life how do I obtain the wrong orange.

Maybe I'm crazy but I doubt it cause that would be treason and I would leave have to kinderwood Fire isn't supposed to have capitalize on it. Oh well I guess I'm first when it comes to "big things" am I right? Ah ha ha ha, no seriously that's not a pig it's a penny apple grand causer diaper smash bros melee is a cool story bro but I don't see why does all things have to be this way for me and him its all gay crap but hell c'mon fuck a guy. I don't see you wearing anything big boy do you need a pumpkin or cheese cracker sandwich debate who stole the cookie from the cookie jar not me. Maybe it was you? Or was it John Smith the 5th, Fifth five fiffer frank fro teeny wiener I before E except after BBQ nachos. Yeah, I know, right now you don't care. But but who is to blame for this travesty?! Orwell Redenbacher had sex with lots of gay black men when he was only 78 years old in the year of 1967. You learn something knew every day. Because why is those so how do you do those map. Hell I say hell and I'm not even afraid. Say something about me right now boy. Dumb bitch.
Delaware has been my main aspire, woops I apologize for saying "ass" I mean so say Barry Bonds. Move the cursor to view the file cause I don't see it. Wow look at the clouds.

Another aspect of this treasure is the millions of hours of man labour it look to make, I said labour not labor because I am not a stupid American fast food happy meal maker picker upper Bounty towels are the best soup ever made. Edit: Delaware - PLAY - Mozilla Firefox.

- Special thanks to everyone who inspired me! -

And furthermore please check my website cause it has a lot of fun games like Delaware and Massachusetts Mayhem. Thanks and thanks.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

best eye ever scene except for the rubber plunger that comes out of the sky with your mothers face on the back cover under the latch with spiders in all the right places and charlie daniels music playing while they sink their fangs into your birthday cake while your favorite wife watches even though she can't dance to the beat but there's nothing else to eat so you call up josh while he sleeps under the building across the street in the woods where teletype is king but no soup for you is the way to get things done with the homosexual father of a five story building in your tackle box. I also am not a stupid American fast food nose picker under the Delaware pseudonym little fat girlfriend who learned that from her five brothers when nobody was watching, that's why she's so good in a parked car in the snow with a blanket in the trunk in 1975 when the bitch was only 15 and she could swallow your arm with a bottle of two dollar tequila from Michigan where the real men roll in the mud with pigs named mom but the little fat chicks just keep on pumping it the way their daddy taught them to in a box with no locks and your fox wears socks while dancing like a black girl named debbie watches your heartrate building up with each and every stroke on the clock in the kitchen hallway right there under the cheezewhiz periscope piano heartburn stethoscope olives (without pits, of course) but seriously folks purple microdot is the definition of time space reality bytes in to your butter brickle ice cream sandwich on toasted pumpernickel with a side order of flashback fuckyou fiddlesticks finklestein cashmere led zeppelin zinc dirigible ted nugent soundgarden til you all just disappear...clos du bois works if you can't afford to smoke iranian plutonium in your mom's crockpot with all those onions on the floor, y'all want some more? We got it fine right here in sunny zimbabwe where the skinny girl is so fat you can fly a gourd through her hallway and not touch the sides in which I can no longer tolerate any of those bald headed faggots thinking that they are better than me just because I am normal in their twisted perspective periscope I already said periscope but this one is not a penis I swear in a stack of maple syrup covered bibles that scare the shit out of obama's mama's heartburn medicine (poi) in the "Grand Scheme" of all things ridiculous of course I play doom 95 on my radio all the time while the soldiers keep on marching to the beat of a different buttercup licking penile colony. Buttercup is of course a euphemism for buttercup. Just because it has never happened doesn't mean that it never will come out of a bottle of merlot or even a loaf of sweet potato cheesebread made by the fishes of the deep blue eyes of that girl in the old smobile while she swallows all of the life force smiling at you through the steering wheel of course of course there is no internet except the one that you have created it all happened forty years ago I wonder where she is and if she would like to go for a ride in my car now.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Your art is AMAZING!!! Can you teach me how to draw so beautifully?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


iam from delaware...thats why i played..for hours and hours

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Creative and fun

Nice :D i love it but it kinda gets hard on that stage with the dragons in the forest.. any walkthrough on that? ;D anyway nice game in avg! 9/10 3/5 :)

DELETETHIS responds:

Thank you very much for your appreciation of my wonderful game.


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this makes no stars look good

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