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One Night in Creepyville

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After a long day you decide to spend a night in a small hotel. But this hotel isn't quite what it appears to be. After hearing wierd noises during the night, you decide its time to check out... Whilst you still can.

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A little advice...

Take a good look at all of your puzzles, make sure they're not too easy or too hard. then get some creepy amibent music going. (Wolf howls, groaning sounds, a slow somber violin song, ECT.) and practice on your Flash skills. I appreciate what you were trying to do, but you've got to put more effort into something like this. Keep at it, i'm sure with a little practice, you can make this better.

Nutter666 responds:

Oh i love how people with no submissions give me advice.. thats great :)

Poor puzzles makes a poor score

I have to wonder where does the score come in? I got 0/1000 at the end, with a grade of "F". How does a score come into this? That confused me a tad.

Anyway, I cannot give this submission a high score, sorry. Bad puzzle design, few that there were, which in this type of game I would consider to be of paramount importance. Graphics & sound I can overlook, normally, but with poor puzzle design it is simply not an attractive package.

This is bad

This isn't good. All I'm really seeing is a failed attempt at 'macabre'. If you wanted something creepy or ghastly something of the sort, you're gonna have to do a lot more work. For one, there is no sound. Hopefully you'll soon realize that sound will make or break you. The graphics aren't anything great either. Unfortunately that was a main focus of mine while playing this. Now as for this macabre element you're going for, you need to try harder. It's not hardly artistic, nor was it really grim. Coffins and a blood stain don't qualify.


This game sucks!

this is not macabre

I agree with Greycut40, this game need more work. The grafics are rather bland, which is an esentail part in any horror game.

Nutter666 responds:

still don't get it.. its not meant to be horror...