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mozz bomb

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In this installment of MOZZ, Mozz must dismantle a bomb before it is too late. Mozzland's safety is at stake.


THIS ONE turned out pretty well. I tried doing some lighting effects with the new flash CS4 that weren't available in previous versions of flash that previous MOZZ installments had been made with. I also kept the old story telling techniques intact as they were before, as not to alienate any of my fans. WELL enough chitter chatter, watch the flash!

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A classic Mozz film

Mozz Bomb is not a serious film; it's a comedy with a cartoonish style, but it's a wonderful example of what such an exaggeratedly wacky movie should be. Starting on the foundation of the basic 1980s screwball comedy, it transcends the other B movies of that genre with its characters and its own unique laugh-out-loud moments.

m0zz in particular steals the show as Mozz, but he's still there to back up the main character squf (LordZeebmork), whose own cartoon creations--the cute and fuzzy bunnies--are determined to thwart his quest to find love. The standard '80s comedy elements come into play with Ms. Levon (MisterLevon), who's trying to save her grandfather's house from a nasty stereotype villain who wants to build a lobster restaurant in its place. Everything seems to click pretty well in the movie; it doesn't have any dull spots and the humor stays pretty fresh even at a second and third viewing. It's become one of my perennial favorites.

There are some especially worthwhile moments, mostly due to m0zz's wonderful zaniness. The Tom Fulp scene alone makes the movie memorable. The cartoons drawn by Zeebmork's character appear now and then to illustrate how his search for love is going; those cute and fuzzy bunnies are vicious.

Parents take note: This is family fare; feel free to watch it with your kids. There's nothing really objectionable in the movie, and Levon stays dressed for a change. It's plenty funny without being raunchy, which is fairly refreshing. If you like a good top-of-the-line goofy B movie as much as I do, mozz bomb belongs in your collection. I can't wait for it to appear on DVD.


It was a very badly made movie, I laughed extremely fuckign hard at it

it took three people to make this

i watched this then one of ur older ones and all you do is move one object by making it float and in all your flashes you have like two or three people co author or whatever on it. and the other one was just like this with no words and had 2 writers? wtf man

m0zz responds:

it actually takes 10 people to make a spam submission


I honestly did not like this at all. The main thing is that that dragon thing(mozz i guess) is just standing there through the whole song and then its done? i guess your idea is alright but you need to work on the movements

m0zz responds:


It's shitty

thanks for wasting peoples time. whatever..

m0zz responds:

you are wasting your time by just being on this website lOL well so am I but there you go

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3.10 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2009
7:01 PM EDT