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Whist - Name of the Game

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Author Comments

This is the first part of my Whist series, a story of a dragon who gets pulled into another world where she discovers the truth about her past and why she is so different. Her journey will not be easy, but good adventures never are. A lot of things won't make sense yet, but they aren't suppose to! More will be revealed as future parts of the story are released. Hope you like!

Special thanks to my voice actors:
Nitwitt (http://shutupdangit.devi antart.com/) who did the voice of Talrot the brown dragon
ProfFate (http://proffate.devianta rt.com/) who did the voice of Crimson
and Lurichan (http://lurichan.devianta rt.com/) who did the voice of Cowlick the border collie
(I did the voice of Asharii and Shrida the yellow dragon)

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I've loved this flash since the first day I saw this on ABS.
I've actually been really disappointed that this was never continued.
I really wanted to see how this story plays out.

Is It Just Me...

Is It Just Me or is she very different looking?
has no dragons noticed that she is just a bat/fox/horse with a pinch of lizard?I like how she is purple :3
When Crimson says "Wel...I'll see you back at the den..." im thinking,"no he wont :P"
and sure enough,he doesnt.It was kinda weird =_=
anyways,i liked this animation.I can't wait for the next episode :P


The voice acting stood out to me most in this cartoon. It was absolutely brilliant and it really made the story come alive. The plot was really interesting and I've found myself quite excited for the sequel. The animation and artwork really synced well with the whole feel of the flash and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Great work! 10/10 and 5/5 =)


The voice acting, the animation, the expressions. You seriously put an effort into this, and it came out very well. Keep up the good job. You got my 5.

So far so good.

The story you've developed is fantastic so far. There are just a few minor details you have to work on.

1.Acting the part: The voices for your characters match, but the magic for the Main character's voice and the canine isnt there. Try putting more feeling into those two.

2.Even though the story is good, it seemed rather fast paced at the end. Made things rather confusing.

3.Character development: Its rather odd somewhat having the main character the only dragon to have more of a humanoid form then the others. Also, her personality seems iffy. in the beginning she acted as though she's a girl who wants to succeed in order to be with the others. Yet when her 'male friend???" came to try cheering her up, she seemed then to be the time who was a loner.

Finally 4. Silly obsession with observation of pointless details... This is my problem but I simply have to point this out... The main character finds a well and decides to drink out of it... How would a dragon build a well and how come not just simply drink our of a stream or near by lake? Are there more humanoid dragons like her who know how to find water and make wells? Are there no nearby masses of clean water? This subject you don't have to answer but keep in mind and watch out for flaws that might seem out of place of the scenery and story.

Thats all I have to point out and all I have to say now is you did a wonderful job. Fantastic story line you have here. I'll patiently wait for your new episodes. :D

7/10, 4/5

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2009
8:20 PM EDT