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Star Trails 3

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Author Comments

Collect stars that match your color while dodging the other stars. Three different gameplay modes. The third installment in the series.

Yes, it counts as a series if I make sequels.

EDIT 09/25/09: I think I fixed the sound thing, but you might not be able to load music from your local network or sites without a cross-domain file policy. It's part of the security systems built into flash, I don't know a way to work around it. You can load music from the audio portal with the http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/download/[number of audio submission] now though. The song has to download fully before it will play though.

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It was alright

7/10 3/5

The game was alright with the stars. I do like it but you should make it more creative like have traps so you could lose. I also like the timing, though it should be 30 seconds so you could make it easy at the beginning.

I liked the idea, getting the stars and the score. Like a spot for the correct thing you did and the wrong ones you have done.The graphics were not very good, but i liked the creative colors, and i liked the sounds. The sound sounded better than before. However, you did a very good GOOD job on the game.

You must try your best so you can get an award. Make sure you make it a little more awesome but you still tried your best.

The first time i played the game i didn't get the point of this game but now i know a lot more :D. I love this game, the concept was pretty simple, but still this was so good.

I mostly like to see games like this. Also i played this game once, but i don't remember when. But anyways, um.... the difficulties were cool, it was a bit easy but hard at the same time.

The game was very good, but the game should be a little more cooler so you could get an award, but i liked your work a lot!

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7/10 3/5

chesster415 responds:

Traps might be interesting, thanks for the review. I tried to make this game better than the old ones. More settings and highscore boards, ect. My computer is broken right now so I'm working with a pen and paper, when I get a new one I'll start making some new stuff. I'd love to win an award so I'll work harder and try to out do myself.

~ Review Request Club ~

Ah, the game itself is alright, but it loses it's potential quite quickly because of the way that you set it up. I don't mind the whole changing color things, but I personally didn't like how it changed by itself.

One way to get around this could be to have it only change after you collect a star. Personally though I really didn't like the whole changing thing at all anyway. It does give it a nice personal touch because the most common game would be collecting things and getting bigger.

I personally like those games though where you can just collect things that are smaller than you and get bigger. So really I think that you should have simply done that instead. If you wanted to change it you could do the color thing, but not have it change by itself like you did.

Visually it looked pretty good and the animations were very smooth. Nothing taken away from the submission there at all. The sound effects were also nice, but I do think that it would be nice to find a way to get some music to play during the submission. Maybe even a different type of song for each different color.

The different game types were pretty cool even though the normal mode was pretty useless as it just kind of kept going.

~ Review Request Club ~

chesster415 responds:

OK, The color change after you collect a star is an interesting idea, I like it. Normal mode does tend to drag on. I did fix the sound though, you could just leave the url bar blank or type "default" to use the default background music. Or find a loop you like in the audio portal and use http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/downl oad/00000
where you replace 00000 with the number of the submission you want to use. Or any other address of an mp3 will work as long as the domain has a cross-domain file policy that will let the flash player access the file. (Most of them do.) As for a different song for each color they can cycle pretty fast after a while, that might get really annoying and confusing if the song changed every split second. Thanks for the review though.

Quite fun :D

Definitely quite a fun game, but put a little more work in it and it'd be perfect.

The graphics were obviously not amazing, but was nice nonetheless. I liked how the stars left their trail (hence the name 'Star Trails' XP) when you caught them to mix you up, and it looked nicely drawn. Oh, and as Haggard said, the text in the menu was a little awkward to read, especially the 'Instructions' text. The animation was fine, without lagging and smooth, so nothing to complain about in the animation.

Ahh, here's where I have a lot to talk about... As for the concept, it's a good concept, that I haven't seen many times before. An in-game tutorial would do wonders over here, though, since the instructions are quite long and tedious when considering how small this game is. Also, I think the transition from colour to colour should've been a little faster, since I still got confused which colour to take, or maybe you can make the transition a sudden change, but maybe give some sort of warning next to the 'Get: ' showing that it's about to change, like a small 2 second timer or something.

I really liked the fact that there were three modes, but instead of that, maybe you could add some sort of options menu where you can choose whether to have a timer, whether the stars leave their trails, and maybe some new additions like whether you change colour or not, or a choice for the star speed and star amount to be present on screen. Speaking of options, the options menu you had here was nicely done, with an above-average amount of audio options. I've never seen a Pan option before, but seriously though, who would need a Pan option anyway? Lol still, it was cool anyway.

I liked Darklight's idea of adding bonuses and powerups, like immunity and stuff, and maybe some powerup that lasts for like 10 seconds where your star starts flashing different colours really quickly meaning you can take whatever colour star you want. As for the gameplay itself, a little easy, so you could add that variety of options I mentioned with a star amount and speed to make it harder.

The audio you used here was decent, even for a default song, although you could've been clearer when saying you have to keep the bar blank and press load music right after if you want to hear it. It seemed like a cool idea to have the feature of adding music from your computer/internet, but when I tried it out, it didn't work. I gave the full path in my computer, including the mp3 name at the end of it, but it just came up with Load Failed, and when I tried to use music from the Audio Portal, it didn't say anything but still didn't load any music. I don't know if it's something I'm doing wrongly or not, but if it isn't, that feature is worth fixing since it's really cool.

All in all, it's a fun little game you got here, but a few more variety regarding gameplay options and the gameplay itself along with some tweaking on the audio option would definitely make this game a lot better. I still enjoyed it quite a bit, so keep up the good work :D. Oh, and sorry for the terribly long review. D:

-Review Request Club-

chesster415 responds:

That's okay long reviews take a while to read but they help too. I might take a minute to load songs of the internet because they have to download. It could be a security setting restricting file access, you could probably load music from your computer if you were running the swf locally. I think I fixed the problem with loading from the internet. I upload the new version. I'm finally on a computer where I can listen to the audio, and I was getting the same problem. I like the idea of an options panel, The highscore boards are independent for the different gameplay modes so if I were to add an options panel I'd need to either add some kind of handicapping system or make a lot more scoreboards. Powerups really are a good idea, I'm thinking about ways I might implement them.


This is a pretty good game. I like how the colors of the stars you had to collect changed all the time. This added some more challenge to the game, as I had to always keep an eye out for which stars where "good" and which wheren't.

The texts in the menu where a bit hard to read. I suggest you use a bigger font here, so I don't have to come so close to the monitor to make out the words.

Also, some music would be nice to have. Maybe add 3 or 4 songs from the audio portal and an option to turn the music off. That way someone who likes to listen to music while playing could choose from different songs and someone who doesn't want to listen to music could simply turn it off.

{ Review Request Club }

chesster415 responds:

Thanks for the review, I probably should make the menu text clearer. There should have been music starting at the begining of the game. Apparently it didn't, I may have accidentally put an old version of the swf here. But, you should still be able to put in a url from the audio portal to play from the options menu. Or just leave the bar blank to reload the default music.

Not much to keep me here...

I like the look of the game and can appreciate that you've taken a good amount of time to get the mechanics of this piece working well, but the way it looks, there isn't much of a scope for the game to progress in a 'level based' environment, giving a better class of addiction.

It's a nice looking game that seriously addicted people could paint some interesting looking images, using the 'stardust' on the black background of the game board, but still not enough to make me really like it.

Perhaps put the tutorial as level 1, as the option to click instructions doesn't really grab my attention and as a result, some players will just wade in blindly to this game, which could cause them to become disinterested and leave without getting a fulfilling experience.

[Review Request Club]

chesster415 responds:

An in game tutorial is probably a good idea, thanks.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2009
12:35 AM EDT