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Top-down shooters always depict the one lone shooter attacking a barrage of perfectly placed enemies only to win at the end. They never give appreciation to the eloquent maneuvers that each enemy ship can pull off while still managing to fire rockets and lasers at the incoming intruder. Take action and become the "enemy" fighting back against the rogue ship and defending your territory once and for all.

Draw paths on screen where troops can maneuver to.
Hot keys for troops: 1-8

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Good One!

Really nice game. Still needs some balancing after the small ships appear... it gets too easy after that point but the concept gives you enough room to add a lot of extra features. Will keep an eye on this one waiting for further updates.


this game has one of the best gameplays ever


It was pretty fun, I enjoyed the drawing aspect

its nice

its a ok game

great job

this was a really great submission. i loved the ability to draw my troops into any formation. i lived the idea overall. some improvements could have been to have maybe only a few units that you could buy upgrades for and maybe more levels to play. also, i found out that if you make a few lines of high defense ships then behind them a few lines of high attack ships i could beat any level with ease, especially after the "double ink speed" upgrade. maybe you could make boss levels or something. idk either way great job