Toss the Turtle

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Acupuncture 5 Points

Get skewered on spikes

Gold Star 5 Points

Launch the Turtle

Jump Man 5 Points

Smash a goomba

Novice 5 Points

Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)

Question Mark 5 Points

Find the hidden button

Amateur 10 Points

Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)

Drunk Driver 10 Points

Blow up a jeep

Harrasment 10 Points

Crush an angry ground creature

in Space 10 Points

Reach space

Strong Armed 10 Points

Get punched by a banana

Abducted 25 Points

Get caught by a UFO

Icarus 25 Points

Get burned by a sun

Persistent 25 Points

Play over an hour

Professional 25 Points

Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)

Radioactive 25 Points

Use a nuke

Addicted 50 Points

Play over 2 hours

Golden Shell 50 Points

Buy everything

Master 50 Points

Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)

Traveler 50 Points

Total over 1 million feet

WorldsEdge 100 Points

Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

Author Comments

NEW Mobile version! Out now!

Toss the Turtle
Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible!
Collect cash to upgrade your equipment.
Click and hold to gain power, release to fire
Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight
Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle

Art by Gonzo
Programming by Foreverkul

Version 1.3.3NG Update
-patch for reaching 10million+ and misc tweaks

Interested in hosting this game? Contact me kul_dg[a]yahoo.com



should have upgradable cannons and gunz


Great graphics, nice castle crashers sound track loop, and i loved the game and all the options, especially buying multiple nukes. The flights sometimes became grindingly slow just to see how little bibit further you could get. Anyway. Great game regardless.

Best Turtle Toss - 770607.4 feet.

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this game is fucking hilarious. I <3 IT. 4.5/5

Good stuff

Really fun game. I think the stats speak for themselves so I will get to my reason for reviewing. Just a few things I have noticed, not sure if it happens for everyone, but has for me on two sepperate computers.

1) When moving very quickly (especially vertically) interactions seem to be missed both good (like pickups) and bad (like UFO's). And as much as I am always glad to miss abduction (because it abruptly ends my fun) I am not so keen on missing the good pickups.

2) At some point (and this may be intentional) on both computers I have played this on, the turtle developes occasionally perfectly eleastic collisions with the ground (i.e. he never looses height). This usually focuses around a height of 183 above the upper rim of the visible game field. You do sitll loose horizontal momentum.

3) Also perhaps intentional, but just as strange to me, is that the turtle occasionally developes super eleastic collisions with the ground (i.e. he actuallty gains height with each bounce). Again this usually focuses around a height of 183 above the upper rim of the visible game field (I have gained height from as little as 130 above rim to 183 bu simply bouncing off the ground). Again you do sitll loose horizontal momentum.

4). I do like the medals associated with the game, except they cut off so early (distance wise) Worldsledge is only 264k. I had been under the mistaken impression that traveler was an award for the 1 million ft. mark (which I worked *worked ha* very hard to reach and surpass by the way). Only to discover it was a total sum of miles traveled. It would be nice to see some awards for those who go above and beyond ( like at say 500K, 1Mil, 1.5 Mil, and 2 Mil). Or at the very least a high score table. Maybe even a definative endpoint (like say just for shits and giggles a giant spiked wall at a defined distance or perhaps something a bit more rewarding).

Just some thoughts.

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Game is cool the only thing i got a question on the screen it shows i got the medal but on the bottom it dosent show tht i got it help >_<?

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4.44 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2009
10:46 AM EDT
Skill - Toss
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