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Screwdriver's Clockday 09

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Happy Clockday, one and all :)

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Oh that song ^^

Holy moo!!

Oh Noes Screwdriver Clock tripped!!

Same to you

This was a bit entertaining to watch because the animation was good. You also seemed to acknowledge the fact that there was nothing special planned for this. You even managed to get a higher number of views than most Clock Day flashes. I hate to say that the thing I did not like was the music used. This seemed to be different than the usual song. I guess it might be because I haven't heard it in a long time.

Everything does look quite lush with the animation. If you're going to make something brief, at least you decided to make it really cool looking. I hope you had a great Clock Day in 2009 as I am sure you did with this high score. There could have been more action music. I am surprised this did not depict anyone getting shot.

!!!!! :(

This made me tear up. :(

Short and sweet

Great graphics. The music was also great. I would have liked something more than ScrewdriverClock tripping over a chair, but it was short and pretty funny. Add something more and make it longer next time, however.

Happy Clock Day!

~ Z

ScrewdriverClock responds: