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Ask A Clock v.2

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Type something in to ask the clock (it will now tell you your name!)

lgnxhll---text ideas

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Nothing too interesting, the idea is good but the answers are only to yes/no questions, maybe you should improve it to make the clock answer also other kind of questions that aren't only yes/no questions!

glad too help


Not that good

I didn't like this flash too much. Graphics aren't that good. One background pic you just took from the portal and the strawberry doesn't look that good either.

Then, SBC only has a few predesigned answers, that he even gives if you just click "go" without entering any text in the box.
I can imagine that it is very hard to design a flash like this so that the answers are unique, but this attempt here is a bit poor. Especially the "Why are you asking me"-answer is a bit silly. I ask you because this flash is entitled "Ask A Clock".

The idea to insert the username in the flash is nice, but the space before and after my name is just too big, it looks pretty weird.

{ Review Request Club }

piggy123 responds:

i weas just trying to make it so everyones user name would show

Ask A Review v.2

Well it was definitely a good idea, but it only worked if you asked yes or no questions to it. It was cool that it detected your name, and the graphics wren't bad, but when I asked 'what is your name?' and get the answer 'maybe' it's a little disheartening.

~ Z

piggy123 responds:

thanks i like your review

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Graphic wise this wasn't too bad at all. The picture of Strawberry clock wasn't bad, but it wasn't terrible. Background looked nice and the text that was used was easy to read and very fitting. I think that you could have worked with the text so it fits around names properly though because with only Fro written there was way too much space on either side of it.

~ Story/Content ~

A good idea for a Clock Day flash. It could have used a bunch of other answers because I would tend to get the same answer a couple of times in a row every now and then and it wasn't too long until I found them all. Perhaps throwing in like 10 to 20 more funny/witty answers would have made this better and probably would increase the score a bit.

~ Audio ~

Why not the spammy Clock Day voice that people use for their submissions so that Strawberry talks when a question is asked and he's answering it. That along with some decent background music.

~ Overall ~

With a little bit improved artwork, a series of more funny/witty comments, and a voice over along with some background music and I could be giving this a 6 or 7 out of 10.

~ Review Request Club ~

piggy123 responds:

thanks for the only good review fro