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Just a typical day in the life of Telephone Booth Clock. Man, his days are so awesome.

Happy Clockday!

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I thought this was one hilarous Clock Day flash,seeing Telephone Booth Clock brainstorm with an afro and then egg Strawberry Clock's house had me dying in laughter,the animation looked great too and overall i think this is one of the funniest flashes for Clock Day 2009,great job. =D

topcatyo responds:

Thank you for the kind words.


pretty funny
i like how the afro is silent but telephone booth clock understands it lol
the still shots of the afro with music in the background is a good touch, pretty funny

topcatyo responds:


Awesome Job!

Holy shit that was great!

topcatyo responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

Funniest moments

The funniest parts were:

- The afro drinking beer
- when telephone booth clock skinned the cat and said he just found out one way. (I lol'd pretty hard then.
- son of a bitch

topcatyo responds:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the movie!


*looks up Bob Ross on Wikipedia*
I liked the part where TB wore Topcatyo as a disguise. I think this would've been funnier if you killed dwarfinator clock instead.

topcatyo responds:

I disagree, dear sir, I feel the death of Dwarfinator would have detracted from the climax of the film, thus making it less enjoyable.
I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.