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FWD: Totally BS!: GG [04]

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Full Title: FWD: Totally BS!: The Girl Gamers, Issue 4: Sephia and the Alien Mindbenders

One more episode left! Akira has given Sephia is a really old game, but has forgotten one very important item needed to play it!

Inspired by the 1988 game Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, there is a part where you have to take out the manual, look up a series of codes, and input them correctly. Before the use of DRM, there are copy protection codes. Fail five times, and you're treated to a lecture on anti-piracy, which is also pretty humorous.

I'm disappointed that this game is not released on Steam. Hopefully in the future the full SCUMM game library is uploaded there.

-Scalable however high resolution you want using your browser's zoom feature!
-Director's notes and Link!
-Crispy clear vector graphics!

-coming soon-

-coming soon-

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lol this is funny



Love it!
I had a similar (kinda) experience with Sierra's 'Police Quest 2'. I found it cleaning out my closet in the box with all of the floppies but didn't have the manual.

wow wha?

bad animation but funny in parts for an all female animation.


its ok funny in some parts


I don't really understand this but the animation is good.