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Roll Roll Pirate!

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Roll Roll Pirate! takes you to a world full of colour, surprises, hidden booty and danger. You will need all your piratey skills to be a Jolly Roger and finish each of the 20 varied islands. Roll Roll Pirate combines beautiful graphics with unique 3D gameplay ( And grog. Aaaarrrrrrr ).

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It's not a very bad game, but it's not a top notch, super amazing masterpiece either. It serves it's purpose, as it is an effective way to burn time and entertain yourself, but it could gave been a lot better. What I liked about the game was that you were given a set objective that didn't constantly change, and that it was all about skill and timing. I didn't like how repetiive it was however, nor did I like the music very much. It could be a lot better with more game modes, and it's rather annoying music could be made better, buyt overall you did a decent job. 3/5 7/10

confusing but fun.

I found it a bit confusing that the camera sorta flips if you go through the middle of the island, but its and original concept. Good job (:

The game is great!

After the code failed on me and I had the screen flash and go through so many colors that it would definitely cause epileptic seizures I reloaded the game and found it fun and unique.

rolling funny!

Great game! Original and funny!!!

omg i just meetgoraptor yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great game but i meet egoraptor woot woot
now i can die happy ^o^

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2009
12:48 PM EDT

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