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TBA- Time Trial #2

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Author Comments

So after a LOT of trouble I had with this stupid flash collab, I decided (was forced) to finally get my act together and finish the thing. Every click I made took like 5 minutes to load and moving from scene to scene took about half a life time. But anyways, it's done and now you can watch it here on NG!

A lot of help came from people all over TBA to support me and kick my ass during the process (which was like what, 6-7 months? )

Wasim for example made the graphics for the preloader, which Joelasticot coded. Thanks for that guys!!

rtil, kench and CNK made parts for the collab, and they all turned out really great.

So anyways, the topic of the Time Trial was "Propaganda" and I could've had it done for that April Fool's Joke NG had going but I 'decided' not to!

lots of fun was involved
I am glad it's done

Also, if you can't recognize what the thing in the credits is, the one that I am burning. Go ask Mindchamber, he can tell you!

credits that are not mentioned:
song playing during the credits roll "It is such a good night" by "Charlie Steinmann Orchestera
the voices in my part (part 3) were all made by rtil.
Coding on the preloader was made by Joelasticot
Graphics for the preloader were made by Wasim

Part 1: rtil
Part 2: CNK
Part 3: Psi43
Part 4: Kench

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i loved the korean one !

i love tim and eric...me and my friends are talking about how the FFA (Future Farmers of America) is a fuckng cult and just spreads its N.korean style propaganda in our highschool classrooms i fucking cracked when i watched this

tim and eric

i know what i heard


great! parodying communism was never so awesome, good script and anim.

This rocks!

I was quite impressed by this, and in all it was a really cool movie! Great job, I enjoyed it from beginning to end :D.

The graphics were, in my opinion, almost flawless. Some parts were a little roughly drawn (for example, the audience) but in general, the graphics were varied, detailed and looked great throughout. The animation was amazing as well, and I especially liked the part where the guy was playing the synthesizer, that was just so cool. Graphics and animation are practically perfect over here. Oh, and wicked preloader XD.

The concept, to my knowledge, is quite original, and fun to watch at the same time. Like Darklight, the part where the boy joined the army was funny and really cool. Humuor here was excellent, and I lol'd quite a few times around the movie. My only complaint which was one of the main reasons why you got a 9 out of me was that you used a number of real videos over here, which really ruined the amazing animation and graphic style that this great movie had. It looked pretty strange after seeing the eye-catching visuals, and I think it would've been better off animated.

The audio was almost perfect. The music changed very smoothly, was just the right loudness, and honestly fit really, really well with the flash. Nice choices of music. Another smaller reason why I gave you a 9 is because in some parts, the voice was quite hard to hear, and I had to turn the sound up rather high, and then music came in which was at normal sound in the flash and blasted through my speakers :\. Other than that, the audio was fantastic.

It shows how hard you worked on this. The huge file size, the time it took for you to make it, the awesomeness, it's all proof what you can do if you put your mind into something. I really enjoyed this video, it needs a much higher score in my opinion. BTW, you may want to add Mild Nudity to that Rating thing :P.

-Review Request Club-

Okay, I guess...


This section was a pretty good job throughout, with animation being basically smooth throughout and without any awful skips.

Graphics weren't bad either and were pretty well thought out over the whole movie. Backgrounds and detailed images provided good depth too.


The idea was pretty original and you managed to portray it quite well. I especiially liked the part where the boy gave his mom a present by joining the army cos its realistic and funny at the same time.

You layed out the plot for the thing quite well, portraying ideas and variety was good too.

One thing that bothered me however were those real life movies as they didn't really fit in with the main idea of the movie setting it a bit off. But still, not a bad job...


Audio could've been clearer in some parts but still, it was good enough for me to understand what was happening. So it's good i guess...


Not a bad job. Animation was good, as was the original concept. maybe you could work more on Audio adn removing thsoe real videos.

keep it up

-Review Request Club-

Credits & Info

4.06 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2009
4:13 PM EDT