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Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep. 6

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Today marks 3 years since Tomorrow's Nobodies Ep. 5. This episode was written and recorded just after we finished TN5. It was put on hold several different times for different reasons. Chase partially animated it for our DVD. Smimon and I, Eric, decided to finish it up.

This will be the last Tomorrow's Nobodies episode...at least for a while. Yes I know it was a long while in between episodes anyway but this is the official announcement that we will not be working on the series. We may come back to it but for lots of reasons we are going to leave it a lone and work on other stuff.

Thank you to everyone who has watched and supported the show over the years. It's meant a lot to all of us. We will have a lot of new stuff coming soon and will be trying out some new series.


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i miss you guys.
please come back.

Sooo Ted killed them and that's why there are no more episodes. Right?

Your guys shit was hilarious and a huge part of my childhood!


This series is hilarious. I want you guys to get back to making it because, honestly, you are some of the funniest guys on this site.

Better than 5 but not that great

The character Stitchface/Ted didn't fit in very well and the whole horror and slasher film elements aren't really good for this kind of series.