Lighter Man

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Well this took me sometime to make (About a month or 2) and here it is, the final animation I will be making with the mouse.

A parody of Mega Man 2 featuring Heat Man, but why is the title called Lighter Man?

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lol brentalfloss lyrics song.


i couldn't do better in the animation,but it was actually pretty darn funny


dude brental floss is cool but yu shulda gone wit dr wily stage 1 lyrics

He he

Ya did good kid.. Keep up the good work and the next one you do pay more attention to detail, have longer dialect and dont yell so much.. maybe you should of had the big guy go up to him and help him up and then with an evil smile and " He he he, your out !!!!!! and blew him up then... But was good and did luv the ending song... funny


The ending song was hilarious, but the animation I have to say was close to terrible. Disproportionate body parts (they over lapped in some instances and were over all really messy), the audio was head splitting and the voices, as one person I believe to have written, slurred and were off sync. Now, what I thought was funny was the scene where he's dropped into a random square bricked room (eh?) and was asked what happened, he responded "I've been used!" then the guy killed him with some weird halo shooty thing and proceeded to celebrate with nauseating scream. I'm sensitive so loud sounds and I have great speakers, so I know the scratching, screaming wasn't coming from my computer. The humor of this video has been overly done unfotunately, but over all, I believe your video has a lot of potential! Keep practicing your art and if I had any suggestions regarding software to bring your work together, I would be more than happy to tell you. Work on the audio, maybe bring your mouth away from the microphone a bit and work on the plot. I knew there was one, but it seemed ill put together...

Tootles :D

Tyguy80s responds:

I liked the fact that you gave some detailed review as for a couple others either say they didn't like it or nothing to creative. I did rush my work back then to be honest and I wasn't very smart on the audio stuff but now I'm paying closer to the details alittle more and I got the audio quality bug figured out. I'm actually working on a cartoon thats more than 30 secs and with improvements and I plan on improving more after this one.

Pretty much thanks for the review :)

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3.77 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2009
2:10 PM EDT
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