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Whoohoo! Frontpage, thanks! Thanks also for all your comments.


Hi All! Well this is the first new game from us for a while but I hope you'll agree it's a really nice one, i look forward to hearing your comments.

Anyway... Ray's got a death-wish and he's dancing on the front of your car. Will your driving skills keep him safe? This crazy driving game has you as the stunt driver on the shoot of a music video. Featuring some great animation (check out the death scene!), rocking soundtrack and really cool cut-scenes.

Use the mouse to move the car and hold down the left mouse button to speed up and score more points.

Whenever Ray falls off just flick the car to spring him back up.



Well the song is nice, you're advertising a band the song is pretty nice, and the idea behind it is sorta nice, there was too much to dislike then to love.

1). The guy riding on the hood was glitchy, if he fell off to one side you would have to give a small jerk to get him back on, but constantly i had to give him jerk after jerk after jerk to even pull him back on the hood, and even then sometimes he would just show up right on the other side of the hood.

2). The music video (when you watch it on youtube) depressed me, as your game showcases a man standing on the hood of a car, instead the video has about 70/30 split, where 70 is actually people standing on the car, and 30% is obviously greenscreen, although more could have been (Fuzzy edges around people, Actors in different colors then surroundings. Different lighting on the feet then is on the car, ect.)

3). Not to mention this game type seems vastly overused, It didn't intrigue me at all, or keep me hooked like most other frontpage submissions. It was merely a "dodge the oncomming cars" Kinda game with a twist, and sadly the twist wasn't enough to pull the game from the overused pile.

4). The music actually got QUIETER when you played the game, which made no sense to me since i would rather listen to music then the car sounds.

For style and the cutscenes between the levels it was a nice touch, but i'm afraid the sinking ship needed more mighty-putty to fix the leaks.

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Kempt responds:


Well, i can't really comment on the video other than it inspired the game so that was cool!

Sorry the game wasn't for you though, maybe you'll like our next one.

Thanks for taking the time to review.

Ha yes...

3rd place out of all of newgrounds

not bad....but ill try and hit for first >: )


Kempt responds:

Keep at it, you'll get there!


Good concept and lots of fun.

Kempt responds:

Thanks :O)

A different game!

I too enjoyed playing this game. Although I kept losing, my points seemed to keep increasing even though I pressed play again.

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Kempt responds:

Yeah, basically you have infinate lives and if you die, you start the level again with the points you had when you started the level. Hope that makes sense?

Nice concept

Simple and fun, had me playing until the end.

Definitely front page material.

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Kempt responds:

Thanks! glad you enjoyed it.

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2009
9:08 AM EDT
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