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I was just kinda messing around with flash and I made this short. Enjoy.

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Too short

I think this should be longer. The joke was all right, but the flash only lasts for a few seconds. It's hardly worth the wait.

The graphics are all right and the little animations you had where ok, too. Now you just need to lengthen the flash a bit. Maybe show how Zelda and Link are happy together and then after a few scenes of them, show how Link is sad and Zelda goes down on Mario.

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J0hnnyR0tt3n responds:

lol well admittedly I kinda rushed this animation, but I may go back and make it better eventually.

More content

~ Animation/Graphics ~

Very simple animations all around and mediocre artwork. The art could have been worked on a bit and the introduction to more complex animations could have added some nice features to this flash.

~ Story/Content ~

I think this could have been better if it was longer of course, but I think the way of approaching this to be longer would be to have a slower build up to the climax. (pun intended)

Something like flashbacks of the two characters together and happy times, etc... Then you could go to show Mario with her.

~ Audio ~

The song wasn't bad and went decent with the submission. Nothing really much to talk about there.

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J0hnnyR0tt3n responds:

Thank you.

Too short

A silly little gag that required more depth to it all - perhaps more buildup will make this flash have more staying power and a much more improved sense of completion when the punchline is delivered.

The drawing style isn't bad, but the animation is nothing to write home about - I'd have concentrated more on manipulating the piece, to give more life to the three characters. The tweens are poor, as it's just a cut out of Zelda going down on Mario and the little animation of Mario moving his head back isn't the best that you can produce, I'm sure. Perhaps Link needs to become angry and do something stupid, like butcher Mario and Zelda for punishment.

It's got a few things that it can utilise to become a good flash, but you're not quite there yet.

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J0hnnyR0tt3n responds:

Thank you, I wasn't really expecting much of this flash, it was just something I was messing around with, I just got a crappy little drawing tablet so I figured I would test it out. I am going to college for animation soon so I expect to learn a lot more, not just about flash but about animation in general.

Pretty good

Art/Animation: 7/10
The art was quite nice, but a bit sloppy..The shading was really good though..There wasn't much animation, simply tweens..The animation of Mario's head moving back was a bit jumpy. Try to add in more frames.

Plot/Concept: 4/10
It was kinda funny, but not laugh-out-loud..There wasn't really a plot either, and it was really short.

Music/Audio: 7/10
The music wasn't too bad. It didn't fit the flash perfectly, but it was sufficient. There are loads of sad songs on NG, so you could have found a better one.

Overall: 6/10
Not bad, but nothing fantastic.

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J0hnnyR0tt3n responds:



Score: 4 / 10
Summary: Okay
Review: Honestly, this is way too short for me. I know it's a gag, so the fact that it's so short won't affect the score I'm giving you.

The graphics were okay. The characters resemble the ones they're supposed to look like, which is pretty good. There wasn't any animations, except for a little tweening. Then again, this piece doesn't really need any animation.

Me, I didn't really find it any funny. It was hard to even make out that Link was sad to begin with. When it panned out, I saw what I think was Zelda and Mario just standing close to eachother. Sure, it was an okay gag when she went down on him, but I honestly don't feel anything special about this flash.

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J0hnnyR0tt3n responds:

Brutal... :[ thanks.

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3.87 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2009
9:00 PM EDT
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