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PSI Call'n

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So lemme slightly explain the situation here, the night before DJ Not A DJ whipped up this lil call'n joke, he went on Radio PSI after hours and started playing annoying loops constantly. Simple. Thas all you need to know.

EDIT: If you guys know a way to reduce the sound clipping on some of DJ Not A DJ's lines, please, by all means, PM me about it! I have Audacity!
EDIT2: Credits Fix'd.

Anyone find the easter egg yet?

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Nice, very amusing.

I've enjoyed every one of your flash works and this one was another funny one and yes I'm aware it's from some sort of radio play I never heard of.. and wow the sudden piano music on the credits screen made me jump X3;

Anyway looking forward to your next work as always!

Gunstar-X responds:

Thanks for the nice comments bro....and for not complaining about the clipping. XD

Awesome balls dude.

That was really funny and I think I found the Easter Egg. If you let it sit in the credits long enough some guys starts spinning through the air and plays some piano music? Anyway, I like how you used the Katon sprite for what I guess was Katon? I wouldn't know since I don't listen to Radio PSI. Anyway good job with lip sync and all.

Gunstar-X responds:

Thanks brah. Ya, that was Katon talkin. And the guy spinning in the easter egg was the guy who got thrown/knifed(?) out the window.......jobbers can dream too.......

Nice and Short...and nice animation!

I loved how smooth the animation was, and the lip syncing for the phoenix wright spoof scene was so in place. Good job overall :D

Gunstar-X responds:

Thanks alot brah. I'm happy that someone finally noted the lip syncing. Good lord, that is a BORING process. Glad someone finally gave it some recognition. Makes it feel a little more worth it. :)

Not bad at all...

I'm a big fan of gunstar heroes, not usually a fan of sprite movies, but this one was pretty good... Definitely a bit random, and original... Don't see that kind of story everyday lol...

Gunstar-X responds:

FFFF YES! We should TOTALLY netplay GHeroes sometime! >:D
Glad you liked it. And ya, the whole randomness and originality was kinda why I decided to animate and post it here. Seemed like a breath of fresh air among SonicMario sprite flashes. :P


Nice story and random scenes, but only the cracking noises annoyed me. Liked also the ending scene after credits!
Please make more!

Gunstar-X responds:

Lol, glad you liked it. And I'm very sorry! The audio is a 4 minute long prerecording by DJ Not A DJ. I can't do anything about the cracking noises! ; __ ;

If you guys know a way to reduce that, please, by all means, PM me about it! I have Audacity!