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Xbox Vs Ps3 Thre3

rated 3.43 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

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Aug 1, 2009 | 3:58 PM EDT

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I had to re-upload this due to messages saying that there was a box sniping the objects - Which means that some people who viewed this last time did not have up to date flash player. Please Before you watch this GO and download the new flash player. GOOGLE flash player or hplayer/.

Also not just this but Actionscript problem too that has been solved. finally...

Sorry to the people who have seen it or made there comments on it. IF you don't mind - rate this as you have with the previous one. I will delete the previous one soon


Be sure to click on the link on the flash or my profile to watch previous episodes!

This episode is about......

watch other episodes or you kinda won't get this one - I think!

Song: Cobra Style (ft. Mad Cobra) - Teddybears Stockholm



Don't be a little girl and say ohhh this is sooooooo "gay" , everyone knows that the ( W/e console ) is better - ta ta



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Could use some work...

Let me start off and say that I don't mean to be demeaning in any way, to you or your movies.

In general, your Ps3-XBox-Wii movies tend to lack creativity, and this may be intentional, but in general, it seems, it is because you are not making a big effort. Your movies are composed of the three consoles, which look well enough, but the viewer is treated to nothing more than a couple minutes of them bouncing around. There is not much else to look at because there aren't any backdrops either. I understand that this and your other movies are not about the impressive visuals, but more centered around the interactions of the consoles, but the dialogue can be a bit trite.

I really think that if you spent more time on plot and animation (don't limit your self to just a few symbols to tween around, see if you can draw more positions states for the consoles) you could turn them in to something more substantial.

When thinking in terms of plot, try to get your self out of the typical, random mind-frame. I don't know what your thought processes are when you write these movies, but they come off to me as "random". Your characters can be what you want them to be, but the age of sporadic, hysterically observant and quick minded character has mostly run dry.

But keep at it! You have potential.

Good, but you don't do much with them.

I can't really rate it because it seems plot devices aren't really an object.

The voices are okay, but they all sound like they are coming from the same person.

Not very impressive, but it'll get there with work.

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TheQookieMonster responds:

Thanks... lol

I write the script but these are just for fun and random and I'm just lazy to put the effort but don't worry , you havn't seen the best out of me, YET!

Also , it's very easy to judge on graphics , sound , etc but that wasn't the point. This is not suppose to be visually appealing , you should try and animate and understand what animators go through. You'll know what I mean. In my opinon your wall of text was useless and it's like your judging on my work that I ment to not put as much as effort in. Also the matter of fact that it was suppose to be constructive criticism is that I already understand these. THis is where laziness and fun animating comes in and if you don't like it well.. TOO BAD