Vending Machine Champ

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Hi. How's it going. New game called Vending Machine Champ. Show the machine what for by beating it senseless, then collect the salty-sweet snack treat inside. Sounds simple, but you've gotta be quick on the mouse to click your way to victory.

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game. Each vending machine encounter is divided into three sections:

The grab - In the first stage, click the mouse when the lung meter reaches the middle (arrows will appear when you should click). Clicking early or when the meter indicator is in the red may result in a fatality or affect the behavior of the machine in the next stage.

The pound - In the second stage, click the mouse on the targets to shake the snack free from the machine.
In later stages, it will take multiple clicks to clear each target (indicated by concentric circles).

The finish - For the final blow, wait until the machine is level with the ground and the words "Hit Now" appear on the screen. Click when "Hit Now" is on the screen to deliver the final hit and enjoy your snack.

This game was produced by Adult Swim and designed/programmed by ThisIsPop.


Yet again

I love the Adult Swim Games. I played there as well as here before they got brought over here. Love them.


Pretty interesting game, nice graphics and pretty fun, but really hard.
... That was probably bad wording. Not all of it is hard - for me, it was mostly the hitting-the-targets-on-a-moving-vendi ng-machine bit that got me. I've yet to beat a level. Then again, I'm half awake, what do I know. :/

Either way, decent, but could be a smidge easier.

good idea

I found it to be a good idea but it was executed poorly, it was also too difficult

9/10 5/5

p.s. dont get me wrong it was a great game, with great graphics


Well its fun. I can't get pass the silver chips.

Just wow

What the fuck is this? I just pushed like a crazy motherfucker and then his hand got stuck in the fucking machine lol and then i get like 6,7 million points? lol amazing............

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3.88 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2009
12:23 AM EDT
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