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After the success of my NG XP calculator, I decided to make another NG-themed gadget. I started this a while ago when I was still learning AS, but I found the file and decided to polish it off, add some NG-themed graphics, and fix a few things up, and then you have this. Its nothing fancy, but its just a little newgrounds button editor to edit all 4 kinds of button on NG with your own text, for people who dont have any good image editing programs such as photoshop, or just if your too lazy to do it. If you want to save yuor image, print screen it and cut out the background, it should be fairly easy on a white background. Enjoy! If this gets a good score too, ill make more of theese.

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+its cool.
This would be usefull for making NG related fansites and stuff so ill give it a max score :P

andy70707 responds:

thanks, thats mainly what I made it for, people who wanted to make NG related flashes who dont have photoshop or something or are jsut too lazy to edit buttons and stuff (like when I made this flash, it took ages editing all the stuff to get it to the right size)

Too simple.

The idea was there, but the options were so limited. You should at least be able to adjust the size and shape, but even then it wouldn't be much better. There was no music too, but at least you didn't use the "Endless Handbag Loop" which for some reason is used in EVERY NG related flash. Good luck with your future projects, you have potential, so I'm pretty sure you can come up with much better flashes than this one.

andy70707 responds:

thanks for the review, I just whipped this up quickly. I decided against music since its just a button maker and as you said, the endless handbag loop is far too overused.

Nice little gadget

It was good, but you could only type 20 characters in, and you should take a pic of the print screen button for people who don't know where it is, I know where it is though. Overall 10.

Funny, but limited

It's nice, nothing more, nothing less. Peroid. Perhaps you could add an option to change button's size (small/medium/large) or add the option to make the button straight or rounded at the left/right side (just like the big bar on top). Also script a print screen button, should be possible!
Layout and purpose is clear. Keep it up.

andy70707 responds:

I should have thoguht about small/medium/large, and stuff, I might make a V2, and you cant make print screen buttons in flash. I could make a print button and then you could print to file, but its easier to print screen, paste, cut out, and save.

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4.40 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2009
5:26 PM EDT