LL - Erectin' a Dispenser

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So I somehow thought of making this in a mass Skype call.

(The one on the left is Clocky, the right being Winchester for clarification purposes)

Everything except art copyright Valve/Team Fortress 2

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pervert thats gross

these are always funny

would have liked it more if it wasn't blanked out for 3/4 of the whole thing. Seeing the excruciating rape scene itself accompanied by the voice editing would have made this so much betteroh god why can't I stop thinking of rape WHYYYYYYYY???

MasterLock responds:

You're probably a rapist. Expect a visit from the police within 10 minutes.


freaking funny

MasterLock responds:



funny and disgusting o_o yet i still laughed my ass off xD

MasterLock responds:

heh B)

Haha I liked it

Very funny and obscure

And what is your favorite class?

MasterLock responds:

Soldier, followed by Scout, Spy and Medic.