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ALL FREAKING, RIGHT!! it is, after 2 AND 1/8 DAYS of work, here!!! so the first "BLAM your boredom!!!" i did took me like 3 hours (my irst flash ever) this one took me considerably longer! (second flash ever!) you may not belive it, but it's true, i am still beginner. 10 levels, 4 easter eggs, and a bit more. only took 18(or 17, can't remember) slides!!! i was thinking of taking "BLAM your boredom!!!" 1 and doing an edited version ;D. give me ideas for it. plus the keepy uppy is virtualy impossible, i couldn't complete it even once, so if you complete it you should be very proud of yourself :P (it is completeable.) only press the "refresh the music" button if the music has ended, othrwise it will get VERY annoying. check my posts and rate 5!!!
P.S. sorry if the music isn't as good as last time, didn't want to repeat it.


Meh, it was kinds good, not awesome, but I enjoyed it.

This may have being top notch 10 years ago

But not anymore.

1 for nostalgia.

2 Problems

If you press the refresh the music button more than once it goes spastic and plays the song over itself over and over. Also dont do writing with hand because it looks bad.

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Good Job

You tried, and you made something decent, my advice is don't draw text with your hand any more, use a paint program's text editor.

Other wise, Grats on this being your second flash, you for shure have talent.

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you get an 8 cause of the crude drawing but it was fun to play

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Jul 26, 2009
1:07 PM EDT
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