Escape From The Black Box

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Living in the street is tough especially at winter. You find an abandoned building nearby, but after you enter, the door disappear...

A horror escape game with unique greyscale artworks. Solve the mystery and escape the building before the spirits overwhelm you. Or are you sure you can escape?

Walkthrough is inside the game.
Please turn on your speaker / headset and plays at night for best result.


Starts out well, has no ending. Yeah, that's it, sacrifice the eye and ta-da! nothing.

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Good Idea.

BUT, broken gameplay. I tried a test of following your walkthrough, seems that I am unable to pick up the bone to do you know what.
I am simply reverted back to the box with the "eaten by ****** nightmare." and have to try again. I've attempted to pick the bone up repeatedly for seven minutes now, and it really shouldn't be THAt difficult to get it for a humble point and click game.

I'd look into that further. There seems to be an issue with that since it's a game stopping problem.

Other than that, decent art, good soundtrack and audio, and pretty well written from what I read so far.
It would definitely rate a 7 or 8 if I didn't have the problem I had.

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I'm sorry, but how this got 3.5 stars is a mystery to me. The "story" is in no way cohesive, the background journals don't really explain anything, and the "ending" is so abrupt and well... obvious of how bored you got in the end. I'm surprised you felt the need to even upload it. Perhaps you should take some time to reread your story first, because that's the entire point of a point-and-click game: no one's playing because they've "got skills" and plan on showing off about it, they play to read a story and to be a part of it.

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Man, what a let down.

First: It wasn't scary, and I am the most easily scared the shit out person in the world. Seriously. The "scary" sounds weren't loud, neither scary enough, the music was irritanting and the scares way too predictable.

Second: Got the idea behind the greyscale art. But it didn't worked. And you must have felt it, because on the room before the freezer you use collors to illustrate hell. Play some Closure, and you will get what I am saying. That was a creepy game. A platformer. On black and white.

Third. Too easy. Well that's until you find the spider but you can easily pass this part by right clicking. Seriously! With that is the answer for that puzzle. This is easily the most easy and lazy game I played.

Well, sorry man, but this game had nothing. Please pay more attention next time. Surelly you can come up with something thousands of times better than this. Going to give 2 for your work on this and the idea (it was good, but poorly executed).

That might have become an interesting game. It has some potential, the idea presented in this journal could be more developed. And it definitely has some bug in it as there is no ending, only the picture of the box with an eye and some tantacles

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3.54 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2009
1:44 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click