HACKED (beta Demo)

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Hacked is a simple avoider game with some fun twists. In this single fun demo level you get to some of the aspects the game will have!

Controls- Arrows to move Space to sprint, watch your stamina! Try to get the spot marked with the red cursor! Use the Switch to open the door!

This is a Demo obviously so many things will end up changing. I would love to hear some (hopefully positive) feedback on the game!

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Simple and nice. Many people dosen't seem to understand the concept to keep it simple, you do. Good job. And I like the speed ability.

Keep up the good work

So, it seems pretty unanimous that the game was too hard for some people. I think the most simple thing you can do to maintain the challenge but reduce frustration is to reduce the amount the ball drifts when moving. It's annoying. It didn't take me too long to beat the level, but I was pretty frustrated with the drift factor by the time I did, enough so that I probably wouldn't have played a second level. I really like the speedup option when pressing space.

As far as graphics go: You have taken a pretty used up concept, but you manage to revive it with some colorful techno gfx. Take it to the next level though.
-I want to see moving lights.
-The bouncer could light up when it bounces you away (and make a sound).
-the walls could have a spark when you hit them.
-The death needs a sound.
-The red dots on the spinner could use some trailers.
Pretend you are at a rave. Take some LSD or something. But seriously, I think it would look much much better if you added a bunch of graphical effects, but kept it on the simple and colorful side.


but frustrating. Adding Checkpoints would be good; such as having a checkpoint on the first level when you click the button and also have the mouse as the controller rather than the keys would add the precision the game needs.

Take into account the things people say and it should be a good game when the real thing comes out.

Has potential.

Needs a LOT of work though.

Not a bad bit of flash

but man that was a difficult game... barely scraped the first level but after about 20 minutes or perhaps it was half an hour I just had to give up... it doesn't look difficult but with gaps that small, timing that specific and a player/controls that out of control/sensitive it's really easy to die.. perhaps adding a life bar? or lives per level would make it more enjoyable to play?

It definitely has the addictive nature that games need but it also made me very angry

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4.16 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2009
12:50 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid