Kingdom Hearts: awakening

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Español: bueno esta es mi primera animación con calidad decente y pues al principio quise que quedara mejor pero en la preparatoria hubo una exposición y mis amigos me pidieron que hiciera una animación de una historia que estaba escribiendo de kingdom hearts y al principio no creí que quedaría pero lo termine a tiempo y mi equipo yo ganamos el tercer lugar. (fuimos la unica animación en la exposición x3)

de todas formas gracias newgrounds por los tutoriales y por esta página donde puedo subir mis animaciones

ahora que me doy cuenta intenten cerrando y abriendo otra vez para que el sonido esté sincronizado con el video

English: well... this is my first animation with more or less quality and in first I wanted to make it with more time but it was used for a exposition in the school and I and my team took the third place (but I say we took the third place because we were the only animation in the exposition x3)

thank you newgrounds for the tutorials and for this cool site

try closing and opening again to have the sound sincronized with the video


i have the frist kingdom hearts game my question is how sora becomes king.

Good Job but

i want english.Me no no spanish

Animating was good

The animation was good and it was cool to watch and you're very good at animating. But it didn't remind of KH at all


cool Ive never seen someone that could put spanish in something like that and make it funny. was kinda random for me but made me lolz a little. i like Spanish. eets funnny.(in this animation)

Onward to part 2.

My job here is done... unless you want the subs re-made of course.

maquiavelus responds:

si habrá segunda parte y no tienes por qué comentar en inglés ^^

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3.16 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2009
2:36 PM EDT
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