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What Is This I Don't Even

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Before anyone says this is stolen, I AM HOMOTIME from DA. The original was deleted because of the music; so I reuploaded it it without the music and submitted the final version here.

Here's the newly submitted, original page: http://homotime.deviantar t.com/art/WHAT-IS-THIS-I-

Anywho, this is just a quick, glitchy animation I made one night when I was bored

ese characters are from the game "Team fortress 2" and do not belong to me, bro

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oui oui

Is there anything that hasn't been done with "Team Fortress 2"? For someone who's never played the game, I'm quite familiar with it. I can easily recognize all the characters. Well, maybe not their names. That is, they don't really have names. This is a great song.

The one in the actual cartoon. I love the final image. It suits everything. That would be my exact reaction to this too. If only you had continued the music after the door was shut.

Lol Scout is like, "OH JEEZ.OH!"

I liked it =)

Can i ask please whats name of that song in the end? Sounds like some french accordeon music =)