dorn of luigi

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its my first sprite flash movie so please give me some tips


Welcome To Newgrounds

Here is a tip, if your submissons fall below 2.00, i will blam them, but if they are above 2.00 i will WOOT them.
its a personal vendetta against good and bad flashes.
for more information check out my post on my profile.
(click my name on this and check out the post labelled, Personal Vendetta)

oh and Welcome To Newgrounds, the best and only flash movie/game vault website.

The Official Newgrounds Welcoming Party.

Well first off, this may be a bit repetitve, but welcome to Newgrounds. To be truthful, this isn't half bad compared to most people that post flash here. It's definetly better than Fred's material. If you're interested mainly in Sprite animations than you might want to think about these tips. They may have been said already, but since I'm saying it now, it's definetly the truth.
1. Where is the Sound?- I just got back from reviewing JohnnyUtah's silent film of Transformers and his was in the old school silent film fashion. If you gonna add no sound, you might as well do that. Without audio, most creations are pretty much boring and emotionless.
2. Kick It Up A Notch- No I don't mean add some spice into it like Emril. I mean speed the animation up. This is like looking at the Matrix slo-mo, but throughout the whole movie. Now I'm not saying to make it as fast as Sonic, but enough frames per minute to make it more action-filled.
3. Enter Flash In Style- Sometimes it's better to keep the audience waiting with a preloader. People like to be distracted by little things like drawings and the little tank in the center. You'll be fullfilling their fantasy if you install a preloader game to entertain them. Preloaders also will let the audience know when your movie ends. There are some stupid people in the world that will actually continue looking at your repeated flash, wondering when it's ever going to end. So preloaders not only entertain and maintain hype, they also prevent riots out of stupidity.

For more tips on how to make a good flash, I suggest viewing the "How to be an Animator God" series. It's thenup to you to follow it's...advice and rise from dud to stardom.


Well, first of all welcome to newgrounds.

1. Add some music. It's pretty boring without music,sound effects, etc.
2. Fight scene sorta sucked ass. The only entertaining part was at the end. Make it more speedy.
3. Add a preloader and a replay button. It may not be the best idea, but sometimes it's for the best.

Well, other than that, it was very well animated, had some entertainment, and very good for your first sprite movie.

Some tips that will make it better

Welcome to Newgrounds.

I think that this animation was pretty entertaining, but the fight scene animation needed to be a little bit faster than what you did.

Also, music and sound effects would have made it better. There are plenty of covers and remixes of the SMW song in the audio portal, or you can get the original if you want. You can probably find the sound effects somewhere on the internet, that is where Google is a big help.

Therefore, I give you a 7/10 and a 3/5. Although your animation was lacking a few things, it still managed to entertain me. Good job, keep working.

Definately needs sound

The first thing, which I'm sure you know, is it needs sound. Sound will honestly make this SO much better by a long shot. It'll give your animation more impact and the whole deal. So definitely make that your first priority.

Some of the animation movement seemed a TINY bit off, but for your first one and something simple like this it wasn't bad at all, just a tip.

A preloader and some kind of menu would be good, but seeing as this isn't any huge type of movie deal I guess it's fine.

Keep at it though, you'll get better as you go.

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Jul 22, 2009
5:51 AM EDT
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