King of the Kill

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What happens when a velociraptor with a chainsaw finds itself in Texas? This movie, that's what happens.

Bilbo is the creation of stafffighter's mind. I made him in photoshop. We both have way too much time on our hands apparently, hence this flash.

Magical Zorse is someone who I didn't even know until I needed help making this flash, and he proved to be awesome, in answering my noob questions.

Malachy offered me moral support.

Lady Gaga is not in this flash. but I can't stand her. I have a pretty good idea of what a "disco stick is"....and I'm sure it's covered in more diseases than some third world country.

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Reminds me of the absurdly old days of flash animations, what a trip to the past this was.

RoboSeven responds:

Haha I had a lot of fun making it.

I am trying to learn toon boom now, as flash is gone. :-(

So did you realize how in king of the hill alot of episodes look down on god I thought thats messed up about that show But i still love the show soo I just ignore it

RoboSeven responds:

Yeah it's just a parody

My daily dose of NG.

RoboSeven responds:

I'm gonna make you a sandwich.


This is Hilarious! Chainsaw Raptors aren't real, but that was funny!


It was ok, I guess, but I think if you put a lot more time into it, it would have been worth 10.