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Slappy Does Drugz

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Author Comments

I have never taken drugs, but I imagine this this is what it would be like.

It's a loop. It's a loop. It's a loop. It's a loop.


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Some strange symbolism

A short, but powerful piece, that really does have some great symbolism in there - if you intended that, there is a great sign or two that you're not as shallow as some people think and say that you are ;)

I like the backwards music, the psychedelic background, not flashing too fast, as that would be very off putting. The way that it all seems to get into a scenario that the subject is doing drugs of some kind and as a result it tripping off his face. From this, the backwards spinning clock hands on the eyes, the bloodshot and the changing colours can be indicative of certain things like acid or magic mushrooms.

Perhaps I'd have done something with the main character actually walking along and seeing some powder labelled "hard drugs" and then taking some, before this happens.

The message of "Don't do drugs, unless you really want to" could be taken either way and I'm not going to over parent it by saying that this encourages people to take drugs. It's not really a positive propaganda piece for drugs, so I think you're "in the clear", so to speak.

When it comes down to it, you do need to get some sort of animation going there, which leads in and possibly an aftermath from the trip, to show other effects, although, this might mean you go the other way and make it a strongly anti-drugs piece, which I don't think is your aim...

[Review Request Club]

tehslaphappy responds:

Lmao, I learned more about my own submission reading your review.


My god

this is too trippy. to colors flash to quickly, if they faded more slowly this would be a way better flash

tehslaphappy responds:


omg this is the best flash ive ever seen, dig?

this is like a total mind brick y'know wut i be saying to you spallu

crzy on you.

tehslaphappy responds:



simply trash......Weed Iz Not A Drug Itz A Plant...And If U So Happen 2 Set It On Fire....Lmao....Nah I Like Da Message even For 30 Min...Shoulda Put More Effort

tehslaphappy responds:

I guess.


Good Points:
The art style was pretty cool and I liked the constant changing of colours, without the effects of epilepsy. In some sense, good little loop to use in anti-drug presentations, kinda of. The inclusion of music wasn't neccessary, but I'm glad you added it because it added humour.

Bad Points:
Pretty pointless, it's just a recurring loop and shows very little effort put towards it, for a minute there I thought this was a Davidzx flash, but then realised the art wasn't recycled symbols.

Pretty bad to be honest, try animation the guy's face next time, maybe another keyframe?

tehslaphappy responds:

Yeah, I could have animated his face, but what can you do? This was basically a 30 minute effort. Mostly done for the lulz. Thanks anyways Lee.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2009
4:58 PM EDT