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Holiday Animations- 5

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Currently my life has hit an uneventful patch inwhich I have nothing to animate about... and strangely I still haven't had the time to sit myself down and start pumping these little animations out.
I'm really sorry to those who I make these animations for... the people who see the point in these.

The next audio recording I have to animate is a conversation between Jack and I.

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Short and simple.

And that's why I love it...actually I liked all of your holiday flash's so far.

If you ever need voice acting, contact me :)

You could never let me down slushmeister!

by now you know that I think these animations are great, but what I'm hoping is that you KNOW that they really ARE great! You keep making them and I'll keep watching them, and I like the simplistic premise of this one, it's feeling more and more like a slice of life autobiographical comic strip all the time. Do you know James Kochalka's sketchbook diary. If you don't go to americanelf.com and check it out, because he's doing something very similar to where you're going with this. He's documenting the reality of his perceptions of his daily life, and living more openly in the process. And he makes me giggle like a little school girl and pee myself.

Alienslushie responds:

Would he be the guy who made a comic strip about his boring life then they turned it into a movie? I've never even seen one, nore do I remember where I heard about them... guess I better look those up senior

Great animations

You could do some pretty sick stuff with you animation skills. I understand what you were trying to say here, but maybe you should start making some brutal ones? By that I mean use that chainsaw to gore someone =P

Just an idea.

Alienslushie responds:

Hell yeah, just you wait, hahah!

Do you know scripting o.O?

Look I admit it, your animation is very pro looking, but try to plan for something.
Use your skill to make great movies.
Good Luck.

Alienslushie responds:

I'm not sure whether you mean action scripting or a script/plan...
If you mean action script I don't know any action script, if you mean a script or plan, I do... but usually I just consider what I might record then record.
Thanks for thr review though.