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1KBWC: Deck 1 (Kwing)

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Author Comments

Me and my cousin made a bunch of cards, and for the sake of Elios and other 1KBWC fans, I've decided to upload what I have. No sound, not even a playable game, but try to enjoy the card ideas, I hope you enjoy them and maybe even print them out and play with them!

PM me ideas and be added to the Card Authors list. Do NOT write ideas as Reviews, please!



Last Update: May 5th, 2010

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I am his cousin too! Don't I get any appraise???

Kwing responds:

Thanks for reviewing :P

Cool...I love your games

But please make it possible to play the game in your next one
Other than that I like it a lot

Kwing responds:

Thanks. I'm not nearly good enough to make 100+ cards function harmoniously with each other, but I am hoping to redo this project later with more clarity (ie. power levels and card types, and of course more cards).


Those are cool cards, I especially liked the carbon copy card. It'd be better with color, but you might have been going for the black and white thing, I don't know.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for noticing... Oh hey, Zorse! Yeah, I wanted these to be printable, so I used only black and white outlines... If you noticed, I didn't even use fills.

Thanks for the high review!

unlike teh losers...

I actually see you put TIME and EFFORT into these. (Although my actual review score is 7, I gave this a 10 to make up for teh zeros.)

Kwing responds:

Thanks, I'll add more later, too!

It's ok

The cards are good and all but there isn't really any gameplay here, maybe make it so that you can make your own cards and play the actual game next time

Kwing responds:

Thank you, but I don't know how to use sockets, and I don't know how to randomize cards that can be sent to a 'graveyard' or 'used' pile afterwards.