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Spread His Wings

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I saw this joke in a book, and I suddenly had this urge to animate it. Sonofkirk did the voice, and later he helped with pretty much everything else :)

I hope you enjoy it!

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can i get the music please

(title in work)

It was almost too incredibly obvious to be predicted one might say! It was a slow moving flash, but presented nicely and seemed to be planned out well. The music went perfectly with the slow moving turtle and the beach setting. A simple, yet satisfying joke at the end, and overall enjoyable.

Review Request Club.

Insanimation responds:

OK, glad you enjoyed it :)

Poor turtle...

The joke reminds me a bit of Ice Age where that one mammoth thinks it's an opossum.

The walking sequence did look a bit strange. More like the turtle was floating instead of walking. A bit more work on that aspect is necessary, I think.
But other than that the graphics and animations looked nice.

Overall it's a pretty short flash with a good punchline.

{ Review Request Club }

Insanimation responds:

OK, thanks for taking the time to review :)

Decent joke

Well, it's not quite what we expect to see, I'll grant you that. The animation was decent, though more attention could be paid to the walking for the tortoise and the drawing style could use a little more fine tweaking, just to smooth out a few lumps and bumps.

Perhaps a sequel could be employed in some sort of "road runner" style disaster flick, where the tortoise, in tribute to Wyle E. Coyote, tries increasingly more desperate methods of learning to fly.

Congratulations to Sonofkirk on his Voice Acting debut :P Very nice. Possibly a little more work, but you'll get there.

[Review Request Club]

Insanimation responds:

Thanks for the review. A sequel might be fun, we'll see ;)

I don't quite get the joke

I think it has to do with the parrots/birds being the turtle's parents, but never mind.

The drawings themselves were okay, but I can tell *someone* was being lazy with the animation. It was largely motion tween with a looping mouth for when the parrot talks.

The music was alright (at least it seemed fitting to me), the voice was clear, and the joke wasn't that great... So I suppose the only real piece of advice there is for me to offer is to put more time into making everything- less motion tween and looping, please =)

Insanimation responds:

OK, thanks. There was a bit of FBF, but not much..