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Holiday Animations- 3

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I would have finished this yesterday but I ended up staying at a friends house after bowling... ahh well, I'll still have one for today.

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Is what I would be saying if I didn't find this funny, and if I didn't understand you did this in a day.

Great stuff again.

PS- Mind the name, I made this account when i was 13 -.-


It was short, which is ussually bad in most animations but not yours for some reason... Anyways, yea it was pretty good indeed..

Just like Rtil vs. MindChamber

Oney vs. WoodenSneakers. I'd be on a smaller scale though.
The movie, uhh it was a lame pun with decent art and animation.
Although it was a pun, I laughed. I watched it a second time and still chuckled.
I think this means I enjoyed the joke.
Not a bad job. the shortness didn't bother me.

Alienslushie responds:

Yeah, glad you liked it and weren't bothered by the shortness... the joke's meant to be bad... it's the reason you laughed.

A little better than last time

You actually animated this one unlike your others. I see you got a 3rd place trophey that you think you deserve, but actually you just made a pun about gloves. I'm glad you got a 3rd place trophey I realy am just Practice some more

Alienslushie responds:

Man, you'd think the general newgrounds community would get the fact that the joke was that the pun WAS bad.


This one is good