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Takuto: Chapter 1

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Author Comments

I humbly present to you Takuto: Chapter 1. An Anime inspired Visual Novel Series.

This particular chapter is the premiere of Season 1. Season 1 will be 13 chapters long and will end on October 17th.

A synopsis of the set up for the beginning of the story:

"Takuto wants to become a professional magician, but he's failed the entrance exams for the school he wants to get into 3 years in a row. Returning to Oak Wood, he will try for his 4th year."

You can find the prelude to the series on my profile, or at this link:

http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/500078

All visual artwork and music is original. Thanks for watching. :-)

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Syntax junkie

I personally love your animatic style. It's refreshing to see something so sketchy on Newgrounds. I have some minor issues with your spelling in some places - such as one instance of "you're" spelt "your." Also I feel you overuse certain punctuation marks exclusively; such as ellipsis where you could easily use a comma, double exclamation marks where a full stop would certainly function better. I don't like to wait for the text to scroll to the end. Perhaps you could implement a skip feature? A little more music wouldn't hurt either...

MarkHansAvon responds:

Hello there Ploe. =)

Yeah my punctuation has never been the best. Thanks for the feedback, and I had discussed the lack of music on some parts already. I may put some ambiance in there in some places in future chapters.

Thanks again.

Quite enjoyable

I thought this was pretty nice. I'm not really a fan of these flashes where you just click for dialogue and there really isn't much action but I'll recommend it if only for the animation. It was very admirable and quite original at least.

MarkHansAvon responds:

Hey, thanks for the review Ericho. =)

I figure that even though I'm not the best of all time I have to move forward and produce this without fear and at least finish it.


It's a great concept. I felt like I was watching an animatic from an anime-style video game. You know like the ones they got on the DS. Anyway I like your art style its very pleasing to the eye.

I have to tell you I'm a big fan of a series with a great story and it seems like you're on the right track. I'll be sure to keep up with the series if you keep up the good work.

MarkHansAvon responds:

Hey, thanks for the review dementredvere. =)

I do believe that when you have money there is a standard, and when you don't there isn't. The point being I definitely tried my best on the visuals. XD

Thanks again for the feedback.

Nice animatic

Art: good - sketchy, but that's okay.
Animation: acceptable level for an animatic.
Story: many elements typical of anime, but well told.
Style: evident, but needs to be refined.

Now it just needs the upgrade to full-fledged animation. If or when that happens, I'd recommend adding a few close-ups to the secnes. Watching two characters in the same spot can get dull after a while.

Overall: 4/5, 7/10.

MarkHansAvon responds:

Yeah, I guess I understand what you mean there... I do think it would probably do well at least colored, it would definitely be a lot more interesting.

Thanks for the review Dawnslayer. =)


The storytelling really shines here and if you keep this up you are really going to need to make sure it stays on top. Since this is more like watching an animatic then an animation - if you ever consider turning this into an animation I might be able to help you out - a lot.

Keep at it!

MarkHansAvon responds:

Thanks for the feedback Yuotta. :-)

I'm going to go for 4 years before I color it hopefully, but first and foremost let's see if I can get to Chapter 13 in 13 weeks.

Credits & Info

4.05 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2009
8:30 PM EDT