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NG Level Icon Maker V2

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EDIT: First off, it's VERY cool being able to see what people are making in the stuff submit to the icon-browser. Some pretty creative stuff in there. Secondly... if you liked the icon-maker, please consider recommending it to the "Gadgets" and "Newgrounds" collections so that it can join the origina:l version currently posted there. Thanks everyone!

EDIT #2: I just changed the Score ordering to only display clips with 10+ votes. A couple people pointed out to me that it was sorta unfair that a clip with one vote of 5 would come out on top of other icons that had more votes but slightly lower score... and they were right. So... I changed it.

Version 2 of the NG Level Icon Maker. Now with:

More standard pieces
More unlockable pieces
An upgraded paint system and more paint options
Tools to copy and paste selections of clips
The ability to save and load works in progress
The ability to "share" your icon graphics to a database that others can also share to and browse
All tools from the original refined and updated
An all-around better experience

Again, SHIFT key plus clicking allows you to select multiple clips, which you can now make into groups using the group buttons (see help icon in-game for more details).

Please note, to save your icon, of course, print-screen still works. However I have also provided the ability to open in HTML the JPEG image created once you "share" your icon to the database. Clicking your image on the icon-browser on the site you share to will load the image into HTML using a PHP script, and from there you can right-click and use "Save as..." to save the image. HOWEVER, your browser may default the file-extension to ".PHP". Simply changing this to ".JPG" when saving will get you a JPEG file 100% openable by image browsing or editing software.

Other notes:
If anyone remembers from the original, the dual-layer clips like the skeleton hand and donut are not automatically layered in depth as they were in the original version. Supporting that became too problematic for the revised setup and options. BUT, the same functionality still exists for those clips, as I have provided a separate STLYE for each frame (above and below).

The "BROWSE" button attempts to open the browser site in a new window.

If you ARE NOT LOGGED IN to your Newgrounds account, any sharing you do will be under the user handle "-guest-"... and since only 3 uploads are allowed per username, your shared icons will only remain on the site until 3 more people share one under the username "-guest-". So, if you want anything to be permanent... SIGN IN!

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this is a best icon maker ever but sadly the share funcion is not longest working


Agua con pollo

I like the things it says when you click the preview button. Some of it is so dated lol.

it looks like a cool game but since i cant find what button rotates the objects the scenes become quite bad(i am very sorry but i have no choice 1 star)