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How to Raise a Dragon

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The dragon: a majestic and complex beast. How is it born? How does it live and die? Magus X. R. Quilliam's definitive work, "How to Raise a Dragon," describes all that is known about these great creatures.

In this game, you can choose every aspect of the life of a dragon, including its appearance, its abilities, and how it treats the humans around it. You can choose to become a wild guardian, a fiery tyrant, a necromantic scourge, and many other unique destinies.

I'm doing a game a month, and this is my June game! Includes an additional behavior that wasn't in the original release.

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Game of my childhood

I hate to say it, but this game was the reason behind all my weird internet likes. That of course being almost 10 years ago. The game is fun. I love it. I believe it is still worth playing today.

i played this years and years ago. i loved the different routs to play the game, and how the color of your dragon depends on what you eat when your younger. this was a really fun game and would love to play it again (,:

This was one of my favorite flash games when I was younger. Brings back so many good memories :"3

One of my favourite childhood games, I'm so glad to see it here.