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Desolate Defense

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Author Comments

In this tower defense game, you can play up to 30 waves in campaign mode or unlimited in survival. Set up your towers strategically, but if they don't get the job done, you can take control of them yourself without a limited range by selecting a tower and pressing 'c'. At the end of the game, you're judged with a score by how well you defended your base and you can submit it to a leaderboard.

All the instructions you need are in the game, and at any time while playing, you can pause the game by pressing 'p'. Note: This requires Flash player 10.


Chad Duncan


Awesome game. ^_^

To be honest I've been waiting for a game like this for a long time. I've always liked TD games, but I also like the Shooter defense games as-well. This one puts them both together perfectly! If you want to be lazy, and take a chance at losing you can let the towers do all the work, or you can take control of a tower. That's brilliant :3. I didn't know how the game would play at first so I did it on Easy to get a hold of the game-play, and won without losing any health. I'm going to go see if I can do the same on normal. Then if I have time hard mode.

Again Great game, and keep up the good work.

(PS: As a side note I personally feel the Tesla coil would have been more like a stronger version of the machine gun. Which by the way I think would be a good addon.)

chad-duncan responds:


I may just have to change that Tesla coil. :)

Pretty good

A lot of these kind of games have been popping up, but this one is better then most. I like that it has some modicum of storyline to it, making it more interesting cuz it feels like theres a point to all of it. I also like that its not just an endless defense game, because those put me to sleep--I like to have endings so I can feel good about all that hard work XD 40 waves is a lot so Im glad it saves your progress. The music was pretty good, and you could switch tracks in casse you got sick of some of the songs. And The thing where you could manually use your guns if you choose was a great idea, cuz now I dont have to be frustrated when a turret keeps aiming at nothing.

Still even with all of these good things these games cant help but get a little tired pretty quickly. After I upgraded and placed all of my turrets, there wasnt much else to do besides occasionally piloting one of my guns or switching the music lol. And t he messages from your allies were pretty generic. But besides that it was a good game.

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chad-duncan responds:

I'm glad you liked the story. I wasn't quite sure what people would think of it. Thanks for your review.

great game

its an incredible game dude, loved it. not too difficult, but not too easy. i figured out a way to win on my second try, died on the first. and as for what gtfrost says, dont worry. you had it right, he just never figured it out. click a turret and go to 'more info' then click 'strategy' and pick 'weaker' and 'farther' and your towers will tend to target weakened far-away enemies.

chad-duncan responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for playing.


its good but sum towers take long to shot and it gets to hard for the small amount of turrets that u can put down

chad-duncan responds:

The game is hard because it forces you to think strategically. Putting down a bunch of random towers won't help. Additionally, you will need to upgrade towers.


the targetting is horrible...some towers take ages to rotate to random targets as it seems
its just way too hard because of that bad targetting+alsmost useless towers.
there no slowing tower as it seems and the missile tower doesnt even have splash.-.-°
also the stats of the towers and the range-circle are just wrong.
ive seen my missile launcher hitting targets way out of its circle...and i dont get it why a tower with 1-0% speed is faster than one with like 45 but one with 80 is faster as the 1-0 one.

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chad-duncan responds:

I honestly don't know what you are talking about. Concerning the stats of the towers, you must have misread them. I would think 100% should be faster than 45%, but it appears as though it doesn't make sense for you. I didn't set the text for the stats, the game figured it out on its own and I don't disagree with them, however the range-circle may be slightly smaller but not by much.

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Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
12:46 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense