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Desolate Defense

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Author Comments

In this tower defense game, you can play up to 30 waves in campaign mode or unlimited in survival. Set up your towers strategically, but if they don't get the job done, you can take control of them yourself without a limited range by selecting a tower and pressing 'c'. At the end of the game, you're judged with a score by how well you defended your base and you can submit it to a leaderboard.

All the instructions you need are in the game, and at any time while playing, you can pause the game by pressing 'p'. Note: This requires Flash player 10.


Chad Duncan

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why isthere a limit on how many towers we can have

Just beat the game

It was long and i was always just on the edge of defeat but i made it, and with the maximum 8 towers ( lol i did't know u good continue too place towers)....
i had a litle over 200 life in the end, and at some point i accidentally fired the nuke i thought it was a super tower that mistake cost me 1200 credits... overall a fine game but maybe some more powerfull towers for the end of the game.....

good game

awesome choice of songs they r absolutely epic love paragon x9 so much

The game is cool, however...

The targeting system needs to go. If you tell it to target stronger, tanks are targeted and men walk thru. If you choose weaker, then it has to kill ALL the men first, and by that time, the tanks are half way (or more) thru the field. Further/Closer doesn't seem to affect anything. They still shoot at the far tank and let the guy walk into the base.

As for the tower limit, scrap that too. It doesn't work; we're still able to buy towers after we hit the limit. But that's ok. How anyone can win with only 8 towers is beyond me, especially with the targeting system how it is. The only thing I can think of is that it slows the script down as more towers are added, which is true.

As for the freezing problem, people need to put some money into upgrading their computers. Mine is an ok computer, and it was running slow as I got toward the end and had many towers and enemies on screen. It never froze, but it did run slow and/or 'pause' a lot as I had lots of action going on, but I've got 1.73 GB RAM in mine. If your game is freezing, buy more memory. Or a new computer.

Other than these few things, I thought the game was great.

chad-duncan responds:

Yeah, the limit was only in place because I feared that the game would lag on some computers (although I reduced framerate problems later when the game was almost done).

The biggest complaint for the game seems to be the targeting system so far. The only reason why I didn't improve it was to force players to take advantage of controlling towers among other things. Clearly, not everyone likes that. I suppose I can work on the targeting system and at least make it perfect for easy mode or something similar.

Great job!

And I can tell you're a Call of Duty fan. The Sniper tower and MG tower have the M1 Garand and Tommy Gun sounds, respectively, from the original Call of Duty. The music fits, the art is done very well, and it's an entertaining game that deserves a higher score than 3.69. Well done, sir!

chad-duncan responds:

Thanks, but I'm not really a big Call of Duty fan, and I didn't recognize the sounds actually. :P

Credits & Info

3.47 / 5.00

Jul 5, 2009
12:46 PM EDT