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this movie is now available for viewing in my Deviantart page: xarugas.deviantart.com. If it appears anywhere else plz PM me asap. :D

**UPDATE 4**: err yeah, final update. Due to demand I added the High quality option (then again, the context menu IS accessible xD) and tweaked the music a bit more. This is gonna be the final update. I think it's play options are complete now right? Ok :D (forgive me admins for multiple small updates @_@)

**UPDATE 3**: The music has upped quality. It MAY seem the same, but i assure you it has less static than the previous version x_x


After 3 years of waiting the sequel to Solid Sticks 5 is here. This doesnt mean i did this for 3 years, nope, i took 2-3 weeks for this animation. :D I've been busy in college after doing Solid Sticks 5 so i never got to work on this one til recently. I'd like to thank all those who supported the series, as they were my sorta "development" in my skills as an animator (as evidently seen in the progression of each episode).

Be sure to watch Solid Sticks 5 to understand most of the plot (the simplistic, character-centered plot), oh and stick around after the credits guys.

Hope you enjoy!

****EDIT 3******: Im overwhelmed with the response, and i kinda want to reply to most of the reviews, thanks for the support! For those people who are craving for a story, Gun & Sword was meant to be the sequel to Solid Sticks 5, in which the plot was VERY simple.

--White stick beats up his foe (from episode 3 to 5), the Grey stick. Magnum in the end, being his FULLY ANIMATED self and all, kills both sticks. White CHANGES from stick to non-stick, and there they fight. :) --

simplistic yes, but like i said this is a revisiting of my flash skills after 2 years of not animating, and i was pushing the limits of my action animation style plus trying out new effects, in which ive learned and loved alot of. My future submissions WILL have more plot, you see, cuz this was just fulfilling the cherry on the top for my past series. I mean, fans of Solid Sticks 5 wanted that sequel, and i wanted to make it (plus i go insane for making action shows lol) Uhh, consider it as a sort of "i guess this is what i can do now with animation, so this time ill work on the other side of it, story telling and plots"

Thanks for the great reviews and support people! And the score is overwhelming @_@

Thanks to Tom Fulp for the FRONTPAGE TOO!




Very interesting

-At first this seemed to be just a duel between a guy with a gun and a guy with a sword, but then they started doing those over the top stuff, like Magnum forming guns with his arms or Spade turning into that black blob. Not that that's bad, I like over the top.

-The animation was good mostly, but there were some parts that seemed a bit odd. When Spade did the sonic boom stuff, it seemed effortless. Stuff like that is supposed to be a very quick and precise motion, but Spade just... moved his sword. The scene doesn't have the power it should have. Fix that, and you have a winner.

-Overall, I really enjoyed this. Those stunts the fighters pulled were awesome, and it really shows how creative you are. I must say I learned a bit from this.

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me luvs it.spadez is kool he it sword man=D

=3 me like kitties

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Spits hot fire!

Keeps your attention, whether you're new to the series or familiar with the previous eps. Very well executed choreography, too.

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Bravo my good sir.

This is quite a lot of action you packed into this shindig, great job!

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