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Leaving the Country

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Author Comments

Click to pick up characters and set them down. Move the characters to the locations and with the people they request and help them build relationships. Click the phone to answer it and then choose an activity to help Sarah build her skills.

I'm very interested to learn what you think aboutthe controls. Thank you.

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i wish,i wanna leaving my country of canada

Sometimes I like to create deep plot lines, like imagine if Sarah and Douglas are murderers and so they had to flee America!

Fun game

I liked this game, however, when I got to Summer it glitched and I couldn't continue to play. I'm not sure if it was me or the game. :(

Other than it was fun, I like these types of games. However, as someone mentioned, the little items you get as you "level up" don't seem to have any baring on the game besides making things look pretty. They don't seem to give any bonuses. I'm not even sure going on the outings give a bonus either.

Also, it was a bit hard to figure out how all the moods go. Certain pairings bring more love? Certain pairings bring more happiness?

But it was fun despite those things. AND it was free!

Great but I would...

I really liked the concept of the game, however after a while playing, I reached "the Fall I have a few remarks:

I became annoying the have to click every time you wanted a person to drop him/her somewhere, I think it would be nicer to be able to swap people then you don't have to click every person individually. (but perhaps that's part of the game)

- I also didn't understand how the mood's indicators of the ppl worked? Sometimes the happy face went up and the heart down for no (in my point of view) special reason. Not that It mattered, cuz no one ever got angry.
- I like the fact that you from time to time can upgrade Marie's stats, but does it affect the game play aside from the few nice but useless gadgets?
- there is also no challenge... perhaps it would be nice to have some minigames between some levels just to get something different, like luggage stacking of cooking of keeping costumers happy,...

Plz accept this comment not to offend you, I just wanted to state what I would change if I could. The game is to good, /graphics is good, sound no idea, to receive lesser point because its get repetitive after a while.

Keep up the good work nonetheless

It's a pretty good Idea

But the Clickbox for the Activites should be bigger. It's hard to send two Guys to some Place, when somebody is standing there - first you need to move him and then the others, it's not a big Deal, but it's annoying. Otherwise i enjoyed the Game, its fun. :)

Credits & Info

4.51 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2009
2:31 AM EDT