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Super Megaman B. Trailer

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UPDATE: Now you can watch it on your smartassphone. And to answer WHEN I going to make my game...it's when Life Allows the Environment to do so. Or for the Layman, I don't know. But I still intend in making this game. Sorry for the inconveniences.

NOTE: if you don't like sprites, bad jokes or anything related, just DO NOT WATCH THIS, and to review, please use constructive criticism, and most of all, sorry for the bad English, but English is not my default Language (but I promise to use word for grammar horrors) XD

2nd NOTE: I cloudn´t credit properly, so in the intro of this, there are the people who actually help me out and in what.

NEW: You can watch it on YOUTUBE.....link it's here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y93zjz-JSc

Anyway, megaman bros is not quite dead, but, since I barely have a chance to keep going on this, I decided to keep practicing on flash finally and to keep going on this project, even after I started to not like Mario (do not confound with hate him), but anyway, this is a trailer to that final step of the project, and I hope, I will do more cool games on the future, since I am in the way to making them, and this is just the beginning of them! O well, this is more of a personal job more than doing for fans or anything.

Well, again, sorry for the bad English, but rather, enjoy the animation, it has a few spoilers about my next game: Super Mega Man Bros!!!! O YEAH!!!

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very good

Epic man....
this is very awesome of how it's put together, and the movie is perfectly in sync with the audio.
and i have a word that really describe this official series. flawless....very flawless, i bet it's gonna be epic!

MasterMarioMX responds:

Thanks! I am glad you liked this! i wish I have time to ACTUALLY Finish this! it's actually surprising that somebody notice the fact that I sync'ed the animation, somehow, to the music XD! since it's basically the point of the trailer, but o well, Thanks again!.

Yeah, You Gotg It!!

That is cousin, as it. Keep it up man!

MasterMarioMX responds:

Hey!!! sorry for answerning too late!! but thanks for the true suport cous!!! i guess i wall really made it this time

Beyond awesome.

That trailer was really awesome. For those who don't understand why Bowser is in this movie, here's the backstory:

Shadow the Hedgehog was searching for Zero and his friends to take revenge on them for destroying Bowser, but suddenly, he found Bowser's corpse. Shadow then carries Bowser's corpse all the way to Bowser's castle and resurrects him with a 1-up Mushroom. Shadow orders Bowser to kidnap Luigi and lure Zero and his friends into a trap so that they (Shadow and Bowser) can destroy Princess Peach's castle easily. Bowser succeeded in doing so. Shadow became Bowser's right-hand man.

I sure hope you will add Samus, Krystal, and Conker as playable characters(CommanderX replaced Peach with Samus in his movies, so it should be appropriate). This is going to be a difficult war. I suggest you make a fourth Mega Man Bros., because the series is just getting started. The game will feature both English and Spanish dialogue options, 3 save files, characters that will assist the main characters during stages, a 2-player co-op mode (one player can join the game while the other is currently playing), 8 normal stages, and 4 final stages (the 3rd final stage pits you against the 8 bosses again). Characters that I think should be in Super Mega Man Bros. are Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower, Marco Rossi, Tarma Roving, Eri Kasamoto, Fio Germi, Trevor Spacey, and Nadia Cassel. These are the characters that will assist the main characters during stages. Good luck in adding these features and characters in Super Mega Man Bros. I'm counting on you.

MasterMarioMX responds:

Guess what? you only apeared and the movie stop from being "beyond awesome", to "unknow krap", thanks to you didn't i mention?

Totaly aveswome

I not know what to say, it is totaly avesome, with cool trailer like this we will need to work alot harder on this game.
It was having some humors but also is realy serious.
I did not knew you can make somethink like this.
It realy realy motivate me.

MasterMarioMX responds:

and mee to since it has an awesome score first and then the good score, and it keeps up!, but well, maybe there's few help you can make here since the engine its pretty diferent from yours....but any help is still apreciable

Credits & Info

4.48 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2009
5:25 PM EDT