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Battle for Goldshire

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Levon's Gay

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This move is just amazing! The intro was a classic move to make in today's generation of films. The walking animations were just to good! I thought I was watching a REAL HD MOVIE!! "Levon" and "Beef" make a perfect duo for future movies(which I look forward to see!). I love the weapons scene where you show all sorts of kind of weapons they use to take back Goldshire! The fight scenes were so real in about 20 ways. The blood was disgusting, but real! The victory scene had me in tears of laughter. But the thrilling conclusion where Levon kills his own friend was sad... The soundtrack had very good songs, such as "Octopus's Garden" by The Beatles! This movie is one of your best and I hope to see more from you!

- MisterLEvon

what the

fuck was that

Orangebeef responds:

idk but i guess its good enough for a 6/10

Wow, i'm actually scarred for life.

You stated it was all composed of tweening. The drawings were horrible, In fact all of it was horrible, 2/5 4/10

Orangebeef responds:


that was horrible

it was very poorly animated and really made no sense
take my advice, practice at flash before you upload anything

Orangebeef responds:

hey, here's a thought

why don't YOU practice with flash and learn how difficult it is before you go around telling other people to learn it

That was just terrible

I'm sorry but it really was horrible, the animation resembled... hell I don't even know but it was really bad.

Orangebeef responds:

there wasn't even really any animations it's just tweening
Flash by GentleDementia: