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Dynamic Systems

rated 4.31 / 5 stars
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Jun 19, 2009 | 8:52 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Dynamic Systems is an addictive physics game inspired by the Rube Goldberg Machines. Use your logic and skill to complete and fix the broken structures to make the little metal ball go in the bucket. The game has 40 levels, all different.

In the game there is an EDITOR to create your own level and share it with friends thanks to a code generator. Simply make the level, get the code and then you can pass the code to a friend as a challenge!

- 30 addictive levels.
- Original music.
- In-game custom level editor.
- 20 different physics tools to use when designing levels.
- "Share level" with friends.

- Use mouse to play.
- Click and drag objects from the left-hand editor and place them in the correct place to guide the ball to the bucket.
- Click "Start" to get the ball rolling!

If the solution fails, its normal don't freack out, just click START again and it work smooth. :) It's called Theory of Caos! :D
P.S. Level 23 is not bugged, its just hard to beat! ;)

Medals ready! :D

Thank you for the frontpage the solution of the levels have been fixed! :)



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

it was a fun game, i made the domino realm

i is can has domino realm. . . now i'm bored. well here is the code for my domino realm. yay tacos S11|67|159|98,S14|403|65|0,S14|194|64 |0,S14|229|65|0,S14|260|65|0,S14|569|
152|0,S14|548|153|0,S14|489|153|0,S14 |470|152|0,S14|445|153|0,S14|423|153|
0,S14|398.95|152.9|0,S14|375.95|152.9 |0,S14|347.95|152.9|0,S14|325.95|153.
9|0,S14|299.95|151.9|0,S14|271.95|151 .9|0,S14|392.95|220.9|0,S14|416.95|22 1.9|0,S14|439.95|221.9|0,S14|463.95|2 21.9|0,S14|493.85|220.9|0,S14|520.95|
221.9|0,S14|515.95|293.9|0,S14|491.95 |291.9|0,S3|423.95|68.85|0,S3|196.95|
293.9|0,S14|286.95|385.9|0,S14|310.95 |383.9|0,S14|341.95|383.9|0,S14|371.9 5|385.9|0,S14|399.95|386.9|0,S14|429.
95|383.9|0,Ball|558|388|0|F,Basket|60 7|428|0|F,S1|501|413|0,S1|355|413|0,S 1|207|392|16,S1|219|243.9|3,S1|144|30 7|91,S1|146|159|90,S1|370|245.9|0,S1|
489.95|245.9|180,S1|619|198|90,S1|626 |332|85,S1|230|91|0,S1|220|40|0,S1|36 9|39|0,S1|520|42|0,S1|611|112|79,S1|3 79|91|0,S1|491|93|1,S1|539.95|178|-2,
S1|397|179|0,S1|261|178|0,S1|558.95|3 17.9|-1,S1|411.95|317.9|0,S1|274.95|3 17.9|0,S14|527.95|385.9|0,S14|502.95|
385.9|0,S14|478.95|386.9|0,S14|453.95 |386.9|0,S3|154.95|69.85|0,S14|248.95 |291.9|0,S14|272.95|291.9|0,S14|294.9 5|293.9|0,S14|318.95|291.9|0,S14|343.
95|291.9|0,S14|367.95|293.9|0,S14|391 .95|291.9|0,S14|414.95|292.9|0,S14|44 0.95|292.9|0,S14|465.95|292.9|0,S14|5 37.95|293.9|0,S14|560.95|293.9|0,S14|
365.95|220.9|0,S14|338.95|220.9|0,S14 |310.95|220.9|0,S14|281.95|222.9|0,S1 4|253.95|216.9|0,S14|222.95|219.9|0,S 14|190.95|214.9|0,S14|225.95|151.9|0,
S14|249.95|151.9|0,S14|504.95|153|0,S 14|526|153|0,S14|293|66|0,S14|319|64|


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game :D

S3|214|104|0|F,S3|222|128|0|F,S18|223 |150|-92|F,S4|350|192|62|F,S4|118|411 |44|F,S14|144|225|0|F,S14|156|224|0|F ,S14|169|223|0|F,S14|180|222|0|F,S14|
F,S1|212|321.9|0|F,S1|213|246.9|0|F,S 1|288|374|91|F,S1|297|394|77|F,S1|298 |401|65|F,S1|305|413|48|F,S1|316|424|
S1|366|450|7|F,S18|579|440.9|-87|F,S1 |520|457.9|0|F,S1|418|336|-35|F,S1|53 0|265.95|0|F,S1|451|139|133|F,S1|531|
91|F,Basket|228|429|-53|F,Ball|219|22 1|0|F,S3|518|15|0|F,S3|606|8|0|F,S3|5 45|69|0|F,S3|553|33|0|F,S3|583|11|0|F ,S2|548|157.95|0|F,S1|361|299|90|F,S1 |637|243|89|F,S8|553|338.95|0|F,S1|48 4|213|46|F,S1|472|301|-41|F,S1|286|45 9|88|F,S1|216|314|0,S18|291|350|10|F,
S1|218|318|-13|F,S5|264|272|-179|F,S1 |370|457|0|F,S1|288|313|-89|F,S1|532|
254.95|-17|F,S1|456|354.9|47|F,S1|475 |303.9|100|F,S1|477|327.9|81|F,S18|41 4|454.9|-69|F,S4|72|301|32|F,S1|218|1 52|0|F,S11|297|8|96|F,S1|117|153|0|F,
S1|23|120|60|F,S1|32|122.95|50|F,S1|3 5|127|41|F,S1|79|151|0|F,S1|46|133|28 |F,S1|34|130|29|F,S1|104|147|4|F,S1|3 6|134|13|F,S1|14|104|76|F,S1|74|182|-
22|F,S3|261|134|0|F,S11|470|52|0|F,S1 8|10|56|0|F,S3|25|39|0|F,S18|378|300|
0|F,S18|395|299|0|F,S18|412|299|0|F,S 18|428|299|0|F,S18|446|300|0|F,


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Meh kind of easy.

I'm not saying that this is a bad game or anything but most of the answers are really easy. ANd alot of them require a high level of nitpicking in order to get it correct. I also find the fact that a game that offers the answer has medals.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

(title in work)

Meh, I'm not incredibly impressed with this game. Though I've heard otherwise, I honestly thought the game was much too easy. The only level that gave me trouble was 27, but that was just a lot of fine tuning. Even level 30 took me about 2 tries and all of one minute to figure out. Too many easy workarounds like level 25, where all you have to do is put in one bounce block. Level 25 is just as simple as level 2. In the future, you should make this more complex with a greater variety of weapons.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

nice physics game

this is a ncie game, I spent like an hour designing a level too:
S5|58|348|-130|F,S5|13|328|0|F,S9|139 |54|0|F,S16|59|108|134|F,S5|65|168|-8 2|F,S15|171|144|0|F,S18|23|226|0|F,S1 |3|136|89|F,S5|1|366|-35|F,S16|90|233 |-138|F,S1|2|285|91|F,S16|315|404|-20 |F,S1|1|432|90|F,S18|54|450|0|F,S18|1 8|450|0|F,S18|36|450|0|F,S16|197|292|
45|F,S8|121|406|0|F,S16|223|352|-56|F ,S1|635|285.95|91|F,S1|565.9|378.85|-
Basket|321|336|0|F,S1|221|63|1|F,S3|5 5|1|0|F,S11|328|162|89|F,S9|249|294|0 ,S9|273|293|0|F,S16|135|146|86|F,S2|5 21.95|271.9|0|F,S19|448|393|0|F,S18|3 96|391|-11|F,S5|301|149|-25|F,S16|122 |382|180|F,S15|71|258|0|F,S16|92|287|
put the bolt so it holds the stel ball, and what should happen is this:
-the red ball should knock the hammer, launching the silver ball around the bend, then coming out near the hammers starting position, landing in the turning thing, dropping down, getting sprung up over the basket, missing the hammer, then rolling down and going into the gear wheel, then getting bounced up, getting caught by the fans, then blown around the corner, then bounced up and shot out, then dropping down the first curve, and shooting out straight into the basket. This dosent always work, and feel free to edit it.